9 Vincero Rogue Black and Rose Gold

9. Casio Youth Grey Dial Men’s Watch

★★★★★★If you are into old school style, then this typical Casio watch is sure tocatch your eye. It’s a cool and stylish watch that is sure to add to yourpersonality. This is one of the best watches for men under 2000. It is sure tomake you appear more bold and confident.This watch suits every day looks more than formal looks. But you can even wearit on formal wear and look different from the crowd. It’s not only stylish butwater-resistant as well to 100 meters deep.Key Features : * Dial Color is Black * The Case Shape is Rectangle * The Case material is Resin Bezel * Band Color is Black, and Material is Resin * Watch Movement Type is Quartz, and the display is Digital.

Vincero Ava Watch: Best value watch for women

Some watches were born to be worn all the time, travelling with you on allyour daily adventures, whether that’s to the office, on a dinner date, or on aplane to somewhere exotic.Vincero’s Ava Watch is exactly that kind of watch. Glamorous without beingover-the-top, it’s the perfect everyday timepiece and looks as good in ameeting room as it does on the rooftop terrace of a cocktail bar.With its ultra-modern rectangular face, this watch is the very definition ofedgy and one of the best watches for women. The black version is ourfavourite: classic, sleek, and understated. But the rose gold and pale pinkmodel evokes sweet feminine charm, while the brushed silver will woo any womanseeking timeless elegance.A quartz movement ensures accurate time-keeping with minimum maintenance, andthe stainless steel is hard-wearing and anti-allergic. All that at a pricethat’s more than reasonable.We’d bet Vincero’s Ava is just the watch you’ve been waiting for.Best for: an any time, any place, anywhere kinda watch Case size: 24.5mm Material: stainless steel Movement type: quartz Colours: a range including black, pink, and silver

What to look for when buying watches online

Regardless of whether new, vintage or certified pre-owned: On our website youwill find a large selection ofLongines watches at low prices. We offer used modern models in perfect condition and on the other side ofthe spectrum, chic vintage classics which are worth a second look! AllLongines watches sold by us are inspected by our master watchmakers, who checkall timepieces for authenticity and refurbish them if necessary. We guaranteethe highest quality and 100 % authenticity at a small price.If you have already picked your favourite Longines model, you can easily payby credit card. If you want tofinance your Longines watchand rather pay in small instalments, that is also possible. Find out moreabout financing options and other payment methods on our website.LONGINES MASTER COLLECTION L2.793.4.92.6

13. Vincero Italian Marble Black Verde

Price: $179This model is one of the most unique luxury watches offered by the brand.Something that you need to know about the watches in this limited edition isthat no two are exactly the same and each is individually numbered. Only 50 ofthem have ever been made, making it one of the most unique Vincent timepiecein the world. The dial is cut from historic Italian marble. The case is madeof premium 316L surgical grade stainless steel in a brushed black finish. Itmeasures 43 mm in diameter. The dial is made of Green Italian Marble withattractive Roman numerals applied in white for a lovely contrast. This watchis powered with a Citizen Miyota quartz movement, protected with a sapphirecoated mineral crystal and the strap is made of top-quality Italian leatheravailable in a black or Crock style. It is water-resistant up to 10 ATM.

9. Vincero Rogue Black and Rose Gold

Price: $235This luxury watch has an amazing eye appeal delivered in black with rose goldaccents. The case is made of stainless steel with a black treatment. Itmeasures 43 mm in diameter.The dial is also black with contrasting indicesapplied in the same color of rose gold-toned markers. The subdials are placedin a triangle configuration on the dial above the 6 o’clock, 4 and 7 positionsrespectively. The watch is powered by a Seiko Mecha-Quartz movement with achronograph function. The strap is made of black silicone and isinterchangeable. It is covered with a sapphire coated mineral crystal and thecase back is Italian marble showcase style.

The oldest registered watch brand in the world

Only a few people know thatLonginesis one of theoldest registered watch brandsin the world. With almost two centuries of expertise, the brand is a veteranof watchmaking. Its headquarters are still in their place of incorporation inSaint-Imier in the Swiss canton of Berne. In 1832, the watchmakers AugusteAgassiz, Henri Raiguel and Florian Morel opened a watch shop under the nameAgassiz & Co. Their main objective was to produce particularly durable and high-qualitytimepieces.At the time of its founding, it was customary to produce watches in an”Etablissage production” where individual parts were produced domestically andthe finished parts were delivered to a trading company for completion. WhenAgassiz’s nephew Ernest Francillon took over the management of the watchcompany in the 1850s, he changed the structure of production, taking a stepthat no other watch company dared to do before. Agassiz believed it was moreefficient to move the production of all mechanical parts to a single locationand therefore founded a factory in which all the required parts were producedand also put together immediately.The current name of the brand is inspired by the location of its buildings:Les Longines, “the elongated meadows”. Officially, the name was introduced in 1867. In1889, Francillon had the Longines lettering registered to preventcounterfeiting. This made Longines theoldest registered watch brandin the world. In 1903, three years after the death of Ernest Francillon, thecompany produced its first mechanical ladies’ pendant watches. Only two yearslater, the company began manufacturing thefirst wristwatch, the parts of which weremanufactured by machine– a huge step forward for the cost-effectiveness and maintainability ofwatches. Agassiz’s dream of selling his watches in North America was realisedin the following years. The company built up such an excellent reputation thatits watches were sold around the world. In 1911, Longines employed alreadymore than 1,100 people.From 1916 onwards, the Swiss manufacturer began to experiment withoval and rectangular movements. A hugely popular series was born and its legacy is still carried on inseries such as theLongines Dolce VitaandEvidenza. At the beginning of the 20th century, the company increasingly focused onsports timing and supported several scientific expeditions. In 1927 Longinesaccompanied Americanaviation pioneer Charles Lindberghon his Atlantic crossing. From the findings of this journey, the watchmakerscreated an”hour angle watch”– a special wristwatch that allowed pilots to read Greenwich’s hour angledirectly from the dial during longitude determination. In 1932, this modelreceived the name of its inspiration,Longines Lindbergh.LONGINES SAINT IMIER L25635527In 1919, Longines became the officialpartner of the International Aeronautical Associationand together with it developed high-precision timepieces for aviation. Themain reason for this was that Longines was crowned the “most awarded brand” atinternational exhibitions and won all Grand Prix awards. In 1952 the brandbecame the officialtimekeeper of the Olympic Winter Games in Oslo, a huge milestone in the history of this watch brand, which consolidated itsconnection to the sport. This event inspired the watchmakers to sportiermodels, resulting in models such as theLongines Ultra-Chronand theUltra-Quartz. These were very robust and therefore suitable for a variety of sports. Eventoday, Longines has a close relationship with sports and is the officialtimekeeper of the French Open at Roland Garros Club in Paris.Between 1970 and 1980, the company, like many others in the watch industry atthe time, experienced economic difficulties for the first time. The financialcrisis led to Longines being integrated into theSMH Group(now Swatch Group), along with watch brands such as Swatch, Omega and Breguet.The delivery of high-quality case parts by the sister companies enabledLongines to overcome their difficult time and remain successful since then. In1999, Longines introduced the slogan”Elegance is an attitude”which is still used to this day. The winged logo is the oldest watch brandstill in use today and underlines the value of the company better thananything else.

Luxury women’s watch buyers guide

When choosing a ladies’ watch, there are a couple of important things toconsider.”

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