Accutime Mark Suede Strap Watch

Triwa Walter Falken Watch

Featuring a gunmetal case, dial and hour / minute markers, the Walter Falkenwatch by Triwa is a unique twist on the classic brown leather watch with acontrasting gold hand movement, logo, and subdial at 6 o’clock. The mineralglass window is water-resistant up to 165 feet, making it an ideal choice foreveryday wear. * Case size: 38 mm * Band material: Organic brown leather with buckle clasp * Movement: Citizen Miyota 1L45 * Water resistance: 165 feetPurchase

Classic 100 Dollar Watch

View Offer Price »By now you will have understood that Orient is one of the brands that producesthe best watches in terms of quality / cost ratio. In addition todistinguishing itself for elegance, the Bambino series also stands out for itsclassic and minimal style.The FAC0000EW0 men’s timepiece is a model that you can currently find – if youare lucky – at a price above 100 dollars but not above 150 dollars, a pricerange that includes the best models of the Japanese house.Compared to the more elegant models, this model has a much more sober dial,with thinner indexes and hands that are uniform with the color of the dial.This makes it more suitable for daily use.The case has a really low thickness (12mm) if you consider the presence of amechanical movement inside. This is one of the reasons why its price is reallyamong the best. You will scarcely find this feature in other models with thesame price.

Big Case Watch at 100 Dollars

View Offer Price »Diesel is a brand that in recent years has made a lot of ground in the watchsector. Its models are characterized by a distinctive design and with an aboveaverage case size, the watch we will talk about today in fact has a diameterof 46mm.Its most obvious detail is found at 3 o’clock, where we find a shield with theDiesel name positioned on the dial, which makes it very flashy and difficultto miss. Even the dial is not characterized by a standard style – far from it– with numerical indication of the seconds in addition to the classicindication of hours.The price is a few dollars higher than the 100-dollar mark but thanks to theexcellent reviews received, it ensures it is a watch to be considered amongthe best in the category of cheap watches.

Square Watch for Less Than 100 Dollars

View Offer Price »Another unconventional watch made by Festina. In this model, instead of around shape for the case, a square-shaped case was chosen – a shape that makesit really compact and linear.The case is made of steel and has a really flashy color that perfectly matchesthe color of the blue leather strap, with white stitching in evidence.Weight and thickness are further strengths of this square watch. In fact, thethickness is only 8mm, while the weight is about 80 grams. The high-qualityquartz movement guarantees long-term precision and autonomy, all for just90-100 dollars.

A Seiko Watch for 100 Dollars

View Offer Price »A Seiko 5, in particular the model SNK385K1, is one you cannot miss in ourspecial ranking of watches with a cost of about 100 dollars.Although the cost is slightly higher than 100 dollars, we feel a duty torecommend it, as the quality of its components exceeds the current sale price.An example is the automatic movement, recognized by all as one of the best forits price range. Even the jubilee bracelet gives it an elegance barelycomparable with other models of this price.The white dial is characterized by two small windows at 3 o’clock to indicatethe day of the week and of the month, and a further detail that distinguishesit is the 4 o’clock crown, perfectly integrated into the stainless steel case.The 37mm case diameter makes it suitable for both men and women, thanks alsoto its neutral design, making this a true connoisseur’s watch that cannot bemissing from your collection.

Thin Watch for Less Than 100 Dollars

View Offer Price »Thin watches and even ultra-flat timepieces belong to a highly appreciatedniche sector. Many brands compete to make the thinnest watch – this requires alot of money for development and design, which is ultimately reflected in thefinal price of the timepiece.Finding a watch that costs little and has a reduced thickness but at the sametime is not ugly is a difficult thing. These three characteristics can,however, be seen in a specific model, the Casio MTP-E133L-1EEF model, whichhas a thickness of only 7mm at a really low price just above 50 dollars.

Blue Watch Under 100 Dollars

View Offer Price »Fossil is a very recognized brand globally, when it comes to watches for bothmen and women. Today, we want to review a really interesting blue-coloredwatch compared to its price.The most obvious element of this wristwatch is the union of the case with thestrap through inserts, with distinctive and recognizable shapes. Even the dialis characterized by large and gold-colored Roman numerals.The dial is satin blue and shiny with circular designs that give it acharacter usually only present on luxury watches, but which in reality in thismodel, is possible to appreciate at a very small cost, about 60-70 dollars.”

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