Also Consider Citizen Star Wars Watch Collection

How and when to wear a dive watch?

Dive watches are designed for water sports and underwater activities likesnorkelling and scuba diving. However, the best luxury dive watches have alsobeen created with an understanding of aesthetics and are therefore visuallystriking as well as functional, making them a great timekeeping accessory towear as part of casual or smart casual attire.The Maurice de Mauriac L2 Deep Blue works great with a casual or professionalattire.

How Does Quartz Watch Works?

Quartz watch is one of the smallest electronic item that you can buy nowadays.It’s only made possible through the inventions in electricity, electronics andmanufacturing. If you ever open up one, you’ll see the inside is made out of acircular block containing the movement and a battery cell. What goes insidethis assembly is truly outstanding for such a small size.Everything starts from a battery cell that supplies electricity to the wholewatch circuit. These batteries are small round-shaped often called buttonbattery due to its resemblance to buttons.But unlike the very common AA or AAA battery with standard sizes, buttonbatteries have lots of sizes measured in diameters and thickness. In addition,there could be different voltage rating (1.5V and 3.0V are the most common).So do keep this in mind and always check your watch’s battery in case you wantto change it yourselves.The electric current then was passed to a microchip that then direct some ofit to a tuning fork made of quartz/sand. As I’ve mentioned above, quartz is apiezoelectric material and will vibrate when electric passes through it. Byshaping it into a tuning fork, the quartz was actually designed to vibrate at32768 Hz (or 32768 times in one second).This vibration was picked up by the microchip which then divide this signal by2 fifteen times to get to 1 signal, which translates to 1 second. Or you couldalso say the microchip counts the signal 32768 times before declaring 1 secondhas passed.This is the basis of all timekeeping mechanism, either mechanical/automatic orspring drive. The determination of 1 second is the most important as it’s howthe watch can track time.From then, the microchip will send a signal to the motor to move the secondhand 1 second. After the second hand moved 60 times, 1 minute has elapsed andthe minute hand will be turned automatically by gears connected to the secondhand. The same goes for hour hand after 60 minutes has elapsed.For a watch with digital display, things are much simpler as there is nomechanical time display part. The microchip can easily change the display ofthe watch without having to use a motor/gear/hands assembly.

13. Citizen Promaster Skyhawk

> BEST FEATURES TO PRICE RATIOBefitting its name, this aviation-inspired watch sports functional detailslike an anti-reflective coating and rotating black bezel. Light-powered, itsbattery can technically last indefinitely, and it supports Citizen’s radio-sync atomic timekeeping in 43 different cities around the world. It’s alsowaterproof up to an amazing 660 feet, and it features a chronograph that canmeasure up to 24 hours in accuracies up to 1/100 of a second. And thesefeatures are just the tip of the iceberg on Citizen’s impressive Skyhawkwatch.Image courtesy of Amazon

Also Consider: Citizen Star Wars Watch Collection

Created in partnership with the Star Wars/Disney, this collection features 14different watches. As with the Disney collection, there are men’s, women’s,and unisex watches. Unlike the Disney collection, Star Wars watches range fromdress watch to chronographs, to digital/analog combos, to field watch styles.You’ll find watches based on characters to places, or spacecraft. Prices rangefrom $175.00 for an R2D2 dress watch to a $300.00 Darth Vader chronograph.

10. Citizen Corso

> MOST MULTIFUNCTIONALSimple and functional, the Citizen Corso is a watch for every occasion. Theblack face is set off against the silver, stainless steel bracelet, and theoctagonal bezel adds a touch of uniqueness to an otherwise simple design. Thethree-hand dial is complemented by a date display at three o’clock, and theanalog watch is water-resistant up to 300 feet deep. As an added bonus, thelinked wristband allows the strap to be customized to your wrist size for morecomfortable wear.Image courtesy of Amazon

Dive watch frequently asked questions

What is the best dive watch?Professional divers reportedly have a preference for those dive watches dThebest dive watch is the LIV GX-DIVER, a limited-edition timepiece with astainless steel case, sapphire crystal, 300-metre water-resistance, and asuper sleek aesthetic. Check out our list of the best dive watches for moreinspiration.What watches do Divers actually wear?Divers like wearing the SUUNTO D5, a diving wrist computer that hooks up to anapp, allowing you to receive mobile notifications, log dives and theirlocation, as well as transfer the information via Bluetooth afterwards.What is the best luxury dive watch?The best luxury dive watch is the IWC Aquatimer Expedition Jacques-YvesCousteau. This special edition timepiece is dedicated to diving icon Jacques-Yves Cousteau and is attractive, durable, and high-performing, even featuringa SafeDive system.What is the best affordable dive watch?The best affordable dive watch is the Vincero The Vessel which looks andperforms like any of the Swiss diver watches with its 20 ATM water-resistance,rotating bezel, and luminous hands and indices yet is very reasonably pricedunder $500.25 Best Dive Watches 2021This is the cheapest classic dive watch you are likely to find out there. TheSKX007 has been in production since 1996. At $200, you will have with you amechanical watch stalwart which is not only simple but also absolutelyreliable.

5. Citizen Corso

Dress watches often struggle with being too simplistic or formulaic. Somewatch brands will take a thin watch case and a black face with nocomplications and call it a dress watch.Citizen takes a different approach with the Eco-Drive Dress Watch(AO9020-84E), commonly known as the Corso.Check current price on AmazonThe Corso is a 42mm sleek dress watch in a silver stainless steel case. Italso features water resistance to 333ft. It features Eco-Drive technology anda mineral crystal window over a simple black dial.The best feature of the watch is its unique take on the chronograph. Insteadof using the chronograph as a timer, Citizen uses the chronograph complicationto display the day and date.Despite being a chronograph, the watch face is still clean and wearable inmultiple environments. The watch is also extremely affordable and can bepurchased at roughly $130.”

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