1 The Hublot 5 million

9 Hublot Million Dollar Black Caviar Bang – $1 million

The Million Dollar Black Caviar Bang won the Grand Prix de Geneve JewelleryWatch prize in 2009. The watch is made of white gold that weighs 18 carats. Itdoes not have any numbers on its face and it has an adjustable leather strap.The case, clasp and crown dial are encrusted with baguette-cut black diamonds,part of the 544 diamonds that weigh 34.5 carats lain into the watch.

9 The Hublot Tourbillon Solo Bang – $137,920

This watch for men from Swiss watchmaker Hublot (French word for “porthole”)is a manual wind-up timepiece that shows the hour and the minute. It has aplatinum case, a black ceramic bezel and a black carbon dial. Just in case youwere wondering what a tourbillon is, it’s a mechanism akin to a gyroscope thatmakes sure the inner workings of a machine are not affected by gravity as aresult of its assuming various positions. It also comes with a natural rubberstrap, something that took Hublot three years to develop.

6 Hublot Bigger Bang – $260,000

This is the first watch to feature a column wheel chronograph. It alsofeatures a Flying Tourbillon that measures 13 and ¼ lines. It is housed in adiameter cage without ball bearings that measures 13 millimeters and raised2.8 millimeters above the base of the bottom plate. The chronograph mechanismand the column wheel are the first time directly visible through the dial at12 o’clock. The watch has 262 components created and regulated for the utmostprecision. The power reserve should last for five days and the watch isencrusted with 33 rubies.

7. Tourbillon Solo Bang – $170,000

Available in colours options stainless steel to rose gold with all- blackceramic, the Tourbillon Solo features a unique manually-operated tourbillionmechanism and ceramic bezels. Priced at $170,000 it is also water resistant upto a hundred meters.

1. The Hublot – $5 million

Known simply as the Hublot, this sensational watch is priced at a whopping $5million. It was a limited-edition masterpiece which was covered with 1,200diamonds, adding up to a total 140 carats, including 6 pieces of minimum 3carats. It took 17 watchmakers 14 months to create this watch and it wasimmediately bought by Beyonce for her husband, Jay-Z.

2. Black Caviar Bang – $1 million

Heralded the best watch in Grand Prix de Geneve, 2009, the Black Caviar Bangbody is made of 18 carats white gold, while the dial, clasp, and case arecrusted with black baguette diamonds, a total of 544 stones, weighing 34.5carats. Its most unique feature is that the face does not have any numbers onit.

3 Hublot Big Bang Black Caviar – $1 million

Well, this watch was being offered at $1 million in 2010. Now retailers won’teven post the price, asking prospective buyers to contact them if they stillwish to purchase. The watch is made of black ceramic, lighter than the metalsmost watches are made of. It also has 532 black diamonds evenly distributedall over the case. It’s scratch-proof, rust-proof and anti-allergenic. Asidefrom the hour, minute and second it can also display the date. It has a42-hour power reserve and comes with a black rubber strap. It is waterresistant up to 10 meters.”

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