4 Casio Enticer Men s Analog White Dial Watch

Buy Fastrack watches for men & women online

Online shopping sites offer you a wide range of Fastrack watches that hit thesweet spot between being affordable and looking good. The discounts offered bythese sites further prove to be the icing on the cake. Moreover, the variouspayment methods and excellent after-sales services make shopping online morehassle-free.14 Best Men’s Affordable Watches with Enormous Value [2021]Cheap doesn’t always mean cheap.Just because a product doesn’t cost much doesn’t mean that it’s of poorquality.In a hurry? Here are our top picks:G-Shock Classic WatchCasio’s G-Shock Quartz Watch will make you feel like you spent the big bucks,without actually making your bank account take the hit. Its retro-inspireddesign is fantastic, and the construction is totally solid.Invicta 89260b Pro Diver Steel Automatic WatchInvicta’s 89260b Pro Driver Steel Automatic Watch is another great, cost-effective choice. It’s made from the kind of high quality materials you’dexpect to pay twice as much for. Plus it’s water-resistant up to 660-feet!There’s no reason why you can’t get a great watch for less. We’ll review thebest “cheap” watches in this article, discuss some tips about how to wear awatch, check out some useful watch accessories, but begin with some buyingtips.

2. Fastrack Economy Analog White Dial Men’s Watch

If you like watches with square or rectangle dial, then do consider thisFastrack men’s watch. It has a rectangular dial which is white in colour. Itcomes with a leather strap and dark brown colour. The watch has six monthsbattery warranty and 1 year manufacturing warranty. It looks quite classy andmen of all age groups would like to wear watch like this. It is a verycontemporary design which goes well with all types of your casual wear. Theband is of good material and does not give you irritation, even if you arewearing it for all day long.Buy NowDo check out more Fastrack Mens watches under 1000 rupees

Women’s watch styles

Women’s watches are made in three three styles: sport watches, dress/fashionwatches, and casual watches.

9. Sonata Ocean Series Analog-Digital Dial Men’s Watch

Sonata Ocean Series watch are digital and analogue watches with waterresistant depth of 200 meters. Even if you are swimming, you can go ahead withthese watches, the Chunky design of the watch is quite tempting. Thisfascinating watch has pretty color combination of red, grey and black. Redcolor acccent makes the watch even more attractive looks-wise. This Sonatawatch is one of the best budget friendly watches for men with nice digitaldisplay.Buy Now

3. The dial and case

The watch’s dial is the round face upon which its hands move. The case is themetal – or sometimes plastic made to look like metal – enclosing both the dialand the movement.Most cases, which may also consist of titanium in some cases, have a silver-tone or gold-tone color, or are covered in black and white.The dial can range in color widely, however. In general, the more colorcontrast a watch has, the less formal it is.For business use, plain silver or steel cases with a dark dial and smallnumbers pair well with business wardrobes.The shape of the case and the dial is something else to consider, although notas seriously as other style factors. But some men prefer to wear a rectangularcase and dial in business settings.

What watch size should I get for my wrist?

To find the right fit, take into account watch case diameter and thickness,watch bandwidth and material, and watch details and components.If your wrist is 6 to 7 inches around, you’ll need a small to medium watchcase. A wrist that 7.5 inches and above calls for a larger case.

Kids Watches – Digital & Analog

A kids’ watch is more than just a cute accessory they can wear every day;watches for girls and watches for boys are a great way to showcase theircharacters while teaching them the importance of staying on time.”

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