8 Big Bang Tourbillon Limited Edition

3. The Tourbillon Big Date

The Tourbillon Big Date Power Reserve Indicator, with its all-black look anddistinctive Hublot design, is yet another excellent timepiece from thecompany. This watch is another great wristwatch from this company with theHublot design trademark from the company. The watch features a big dateindication under the 12 o’clock position, as well as a larger battery capableof lasting up to five days. This watch is remarkably unique from other watchesthat watch collectors hoard this incredible watch.

2 Hublot Tourbillon Solo Bang – $170,000

Hublot Solo Bang watches have black ceramic cases, black ceramic bezel, blackdial and manual winding tourbillon. It is resistant up to a distance of 100meters. It also has a black rubber strap with deployant buckle.

8. Big Bang Tourbillon Limited Edition

The Big Bang is one of Hublot’s most prestigious collections. Hublot createdthe Big Bang Tourbillon Limited Edition in a traditional and unique timepiecewith a chronograph bezel that can push a button on the crown. Each is greatwith the company’s modern style. There are just eighteen versions available.What’s the best thing about this watch is the case of the watch that features212 diamonds engraved on it, as well as 48 baguette diamonds.

8 Hublot Masterpiece MP-02 – $305,000

The watch features three settings. The dial can be set to “slow” where an houris shown as a quarter of an hour on the watch. The “normal” will tell the timeaccurately. The third speeds up time by interpreting each actual quarter houras one hour on the watch. The practical application is actually limited butthe watch is really a showcase of the complicated movement that Hublot iscapable of creating. It is made of titanium and the strap, while it retainsthe black rubber material, sports a futuristic look. Power reserve can last upto four hours. Only 50 units were ever made.

6. Tourbillon Solo Bang

One of Biver’s most popular concepts, the Big Bang line, debuted in 2005. TheTourbillon Solo Bang is one of them. For a variety of reasons, it is one ofthe most admired of them all. This watch Tourbillon Solo has a one-of-a-kindmanually driven tourbillon mechanism as well as ceramic bezels. It wasavailable in a variety of metals combined with rubber, as well as stainlesssteel. That features not one but two settings on the dial, which is alsowaterproof to a depth of 100 meters.

Bovet Tourbillon Jumping Hours – $299,000.00

Another uniquely styled timepiece, Bovet is certainly known for pushing theboundaries of luxury watchmaking and creating some of the most unusual and yetstylish timepieces on the market today. Exotic and original, this timepiece isreally what the entire brand is about. It’s exquisitely decorated like a finesculpture and yet boasts a movement inside that is equally original andbrilliantly well made. This is a great addition to any collection and one thatis perfect for those who enjoy social peacocking.Bovet Tourbillon Jumping Hours

27. JeanRichard – Paramount Tourbillon Linear Power Reserve

Price: $128,000JeanRichard is an independent Swiss watchmaker and this unique tourbillon isprobably his most important creation. The Paramont Tourbillon watch uses alinear indicator for the 72-hour power reserve and it comes in an 18 caratwhite gold case. The stylish watch is paired with a rubber covered alligatorstrap.”

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