Dive into Style with Citizen’s New Promaster: The Compact Powerhouse for Everyday Adventures

A Titanic Change in a Diminutive Package

Step aside behemoth watches, Citizen’s got a new Promaster that’s like your favorite Saturday night red velvet cake in a bite-sized version. If you’ve seen those dive-watch enthusiasts flaunting their colossal 44mm Citizen Promasters, you might have been a smidge green-eyed. But hey, not everyone’s into the ‘wear-a-clock-on-my-wrist’ trend. The Promaster’s got your back, the ocean’s depths, and the charm to turn heads – all without breaking the bank!

The catch, though, has always been its ‘I-can’t-find-my-hand’ size. Well, grab your snorkels because Citizen just splashed a game-changer: the Promaster Diver in a dainty 37mm, available in three alluring colors – classic black, deep blue, and ‘make-them-stare’ pink.

Picture the Seiko SKX013, which was the Goldilocks ‘just right’ size for those who found its big brother, the SKX007, too chunky. The new 37mm Promasters are set to create the same frenzy among the wrist-conscious.

Let’s Talk Nuts and Bolts

These newbies come with a 200m water resistance, perfect for showing off at pool parties or deep-sea treasure hunting. The rubber strap is a callback to its iconic depth measurement prints. The case dimensions are, in reality, a nifty 36.5mm with a slim profile at 11.6mm. No need to worry about snagging it on your scuba gear.

The beating heart within this slender case is the Eco-Drive E168 movement, sipping ambient light like it’s a fine wine. Once fully charged, it’ll tick-tock for six months, even in complete darkness. It’s like having a miniature sun strapped to your wrist.

The New Trio On The Block

The new variations (black, blue, and pink with a rose-gold-toned steel case) are priced at a humble $375. Considering the impeccable design and supercharged engine, it’s as if Citizen rolled out a red carpet for your wrist without the Hollywood price tag.

Throwback To Its Roots

The Promaster lineage hails from the neon and synthesizer-heavy 1980s. The line has epitomized the apex of utility watches with the strength of a bodybuilder and the finesse of a ballerina. The addition of the Eco-Drive movement makes it the Swiss Army knife of everyday watches.

Key Points to Impress Your Friends:

  • Stunning new 37mm case, perfect for mortal-sized wrists.
  • Water-resistant up to 200m, because sometimes a splash isn’t enough.
  • Eco-Drive E168 movement, running six months on full charge.
  • Choice of classic black, blue, or audacious pink.
  • Aggressively priced at $375. Save money for that diving trip!

Hot Take Alert

The Promaster Diver’s new compact avatar is like a shot of espresso – small but packs a punch. The fusion of practicality with aesthetics makes it an absolute steal. The color options cater to the traditional and the daring alike. The only downside? With such an enticing package, be ready for the envious glances your wrist is going to

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