CronotempVs and TAG Heuer Collaborate for Limited Edition Carrera CC: A Modern Tribute to the Iconic 1974 Carrera Yachting Chronograph

CronotempVs and TAG Heuer Collaborate to Celebrate 60 Years of the Carrera With New Carrera CC

The CronotempVs collectors group has teamed up with TAG Heuer to create a special edition watch, the Carrera CC, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the iconic Carrera chronograph. This collaboration pays tribute to the 1974 Carrera ref. 1153BN, known as the ‘Yachting,’ by incorporating similar design elements into the modern Carrera case.

Key Points:

– The Carrera CC takes inspiration from the 1974 Carrera ref. 1153BN, featuring a cushion case, dark blue dial, and orange accents.
– The watch retains the versatility and timeless design language of the original while adding a modern twist with the caliber TH20-00 movement and the 42mm Carrera case.
– The anthracite gray dial, dark blue sub dials at 3 and 9 o’clock, and contrasting chapter ring create a unique visual experience.
– The Carrera CC is a limited edition watch with only 72 units planned for production, making it a rare find.
– The price for the Carrera CC is set at 5,250 €, and it is likely that all units are already spoken for.
– The collaboration between CronotempVs and TAG Heuer highlights the extensive heritage of the Carrera name and showcases the attention to detail in design.

Hot Take:

The Carrera CC is a true collector’s piece that captures the essence of the original 1974 Carrera ref. 1153BN while infusing it with modern elements. The limited production run and the thoughtful design details make this watch a must-have for any watch enthusiast. TAG Heuer and CronotempVs have once again proven their ability to create compelling collaborations that pay homage to horological history.

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