Tips for Finding Great Watches Under $5,000

Tips for Finding Great Watches Under $5,000

Looking for high-quality watches at an affordable price point? While it may seem challenging with rising prices in the watch market, there are still great options out there under $5,000. Seasoned collector and watch enthusiast Griffin Bartsch shares his three watch collection for $5,000, featuring watches that offer excellent value and originality. Let’s dive into his picks:

1. Vertex M60 Aqualion ND – $3,005

The Vertex M60 Aqualion ND is a black-dial dive watch that offers everything you need in a modern dive watch. Vertex is an old brand revived by Don Cochrane, which has been producing incredible watches since 2016. The M60 features a fantastic bezel and long-lasting lume, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear. With a COSC-certified Sellita movement, this watch offers tremendous value for its price.

2. Lorier Hydra Zulu – $599

Although the Lorier Hydra Zulu is another dive watch, it stands out with its blacked-out design and Bonetto Cinturini rubber strap that gives it a cool ’80s action flick vibe. Lorier has been making great watches, and the Hydra Zulu is no exception. With its asymmetrical case, sunk-in crown, and Miyota 9075 movement, this watch is an excellent addition to any collection, especially a GMT watch.

3. NOMOS Glashütte Club 701 – $1,396

For the final pick in the collection, the NOMOS Glashütte Club 701 is a hand-wound watch that offers a classic and minimalist design. With a 36mm case and a thin profile, this watch provides a timeless appeal and sits comfortably on the wrist. The Club is an ideal choice for those looking for a break from dive watches and appreciate a smaller timepiece.

With these three watches, you can build a well-rounded collection without breaking the bank. While tastes and preferences may differ from person to person, the collection curated by Griffin Bartsch offers excellent options that prove you can still find great watches at reasonable prices.

Hot Take:

The search for affordable and high-quality watches may seem daunting in today’s market, but creators like Griffin Bartsch remind us that there are still valuable timepieces available under $5,000. By considering brands like Vertex, Lorier, and NOMOS Glashütte, watch enthusiasts can find unique and original watches without compromising on quality. So, don’t let rising prices discourage you from exploring the world of watches. There’s a watch out there for every budget.

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