Living in the Past and Telling Time Around the World with the Zodiac x Rowing Blazers GMT

The ’80s Are Back Thanks to This Fun New World Time Watch

Transport yourself to the decade of big hair, neon clothes, and excess with the Zodiac x Rowing Blazers Super Sea Wolf GMT World Time watch. This clever collaboration combines vintage Zodiac style with Rowing Blazers’ signature preppy aesthetic for a totally tubular timepiece.

The watch’s design takes inspiration from the 1981 comedy classic Trading Places. In the film, Dan Aykroyd’s character Louis Winthorpe III owns a world time watch from Rochefoucauld that simultaneously tells the time in hotspots like Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills, London, and Gstaad.

While the new Zodiac piece may lack the thin elegance of Louis’ Swiss watch, it nails that worldly ’80s vibe. The watch’s blue bezel is printed with the cities called out in the famous quote – plus NYC and LA. Because what’s more ’80s than the Big Apple and La La Land?

Stylish Nostalgia

Housed in a 40mm stainless steel case, the watch combines Zodiac’s signature retro styling with preppy Rowing Blazers details. The black watch face features the brand’s logo and applied stainless steel hour markers.

On the wrist, the blue and stainless steel color scheme evokes a sporty luxury feel – perfect for imaginary weekends in Monaco or ski trips to Gstaad (private jet not included).

The watch is finished with a stainless steel bracelet or you can channel Chuck Bass with the included striped NATO strap.

Worldly Complications

While the design nails the ’80s nostalgia factor, the Zodiac x Rowing Blazers GMT is more than just a fashion statement.

The STP7-20 automatic movement features a caller GMT hand to display a second time zone. This allows you to effortlessly track different locations as you jet between those cities on the bezel (or just dream about it).

You also get hours, minutes, seconds and date complications. The movement contains upgraded components and materials like silicon to improve durability. With 40 hours of power reserve, you won’t have to fret about resetting the time if you take the watch off for a day or two.

At 200M water resistance, the Super Sea Wolf GMT can handle plenty of aquatic adventures whether sailing the Italian Riviera or surfing in Malibu.

Trading Style for Substance?

With its sophisticated complications and Swiss pedigree, the new GMT offers increased value over Zodiac’s vintage-inspired designs.

However some collectors argue you lose the vintage styling that makes Zodiac great. The watch lacks the thin sculpted elegance of say…a Gerald Genta design.

And at $2,195 retail, while competitive for an automatic GMT, the price hike over previous Zodiac models leaves some fans longing for better vintage market deals.

Then again, you’d be hard pressed to find another watch that so playfully transports you back to the heyday of punk, new wave and big screen comedy.

The Bottom Line

If you dig the preppy yet playful aesthetics of Rowing Blazers and Zodiac’s signature retro vibe, this GMT World Timer makes an enticing buy.

The indulgent style echos an era of bold colors, big personalities and movies like Trading Places that didn’t take themselves too seriously.

Yet underneath the nostalgic styling lies a solid Swiss made watch with useful complications and modern durability.

So whether you actually have plans to crisscross the globe or just dream of past eras when people pulled off shoulder pads and neon spandex, the Zodiac x Rowing Blazers Super Sea Wolf GMT fits the bill for fun and functionality.

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