1 Bulova Accu Swiss Military Men s Mechanical Watch

Movado Watches

Movado are an American watchmaker that was founded by Léopold Achille IsidoreDitesheim in 1881 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Movado are probably bestknown for their Bauhaus inspired Museum Watch that was designed in 1947 byNathan George Horwitt.

The 20 Best Movado Watches of All Time

Movado is a Swiss watch brand that has been in existence for more than ahundred years. It all started as the LAI Ditescheim & Freres SA companyestablished in 1881 in the city of La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. The name ofthe company changed to Movado in 1905, and it was acquired by the NorthAmerican Watch Corp in the United States of America. What began as a Swisswatchmaking company became an American owned manufacturer that maintains itsquality with manufacturing still occurring in Switzerland. The brand isdistributed worldwide through the Movado group. For your enjoyment andconsideration, here are the 20 best Movado watches of all-time.

Fossil Nate Black Tone Bracelet Watch

A cool watch to wear when you’re lounging in a pair of denims and a white tee.It has. This multifunction watch comes with a quartz chronograph, a stopwatchand three separate dials to display the hours, minutes and seconds. This watchis for people on the move but with a lazy and rugged style. You can certainlywear this watch while bathing, snorkelling or swimming but not scuba diving,since it is water-resistant to the extent of 50 metres.

2. Movado Men’s 1881 Automatic Swiss Watch

Check out the latest reviews ratings and pricesUp next in our look at the best Movado watches is the Movado 1881. This modelfeatures the iconic dot dial design and runs on a Swiss automatic movement,and because of this is generally more expensive than the quartz alternatives.The 1881 is named in honour of the year Movado began.

2. Bulova Accu Swiss Tellaro Men’s Automatic Watch

Check out the latest reviews ratings and pricesUp next we have another popular Swiss made Bulova watch from the Accu Swisscollection. Powering this beautiful Bulova watch is a Swiss made automaticmovement for excellent reliability and timekeeping. It’s an ultra smartlooking watch that’s best suited for smarter occasions in my opinion. Thewater resistance rating isn’t all that great at 30m, but in all honesty Ican’t see many people using this watch like that.As expected this Bulova Accu Swiss features a sapphire crystal glass forexcellent scratch protection. Like the previous Swiss Bulova watch, this modelalso features a nice thick genuine leather strap for extra comfort.

Parting Thoughts

Men flaunt the exact same brand and model of a wristwatch with pride and bondinstantly. A timepiece is eternal. Pick one of these 50. And don’t forgetabout watch winder for your watches.15 Best Movado Watches For MenSpotting a Movado watch is easy, as the brand has a very distinct design of asingle dot at 12 o’clock. This iconic design was created by Nathan GeorgeHorwitt, an American industrial designer. Called the Museum Watch, theBauhaus-inspired timepiece has been a part of New York’s Museum of ModernArt’s permanent collection since 1960. The company bought rights of the MuseumDial from Horwitt in the 1970s and started using it on its watches since. Thedot represents the sun at high noon—this design continues to be used in mostof Movado’s watches today.Below, we will take a closer look at these watches, as well as some of thebest Movado watch designs on the market today.Movado: A HistoryThe company was founded La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1881, and wasacquired by American company North American Watch Corp in 1905. Today, Movadomanufactures and distributes watches for different companies, including HugoBoss, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, and Coach.If you would like to learn more about the company’s beginnings, reputation,and some of its best collections, you can also read our Movado brand overview.Here we talk about the history and design, an answer to the question: DoMovado watches have good quality?

Black Edox Men’s Watch

Feed your adrenaline every time you wear the Class 1 Automatic Chronograph,Black Edox Men’s Watch. This beautiful timepiece spells passion, ingenuity andmeticulous attention to detail. The Edox Men’s Watch features a scratch-proofsapphire crystal, date calendar with water resistant Chronograph up to 660meters deep making it a perfect choice for marine activities like recreationwater sports, surfing, or scuba diving. The stunning combination of all blackwith a hint of red markers is going to set you apart from the rest.”

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