Hands-On with the Bell & Ross BR-X5 Green Lum and BR 03 Cyber Ceramic

Green Lum: A Bright Addition to Bell & Ross’ Lineup
Bell & Ross continues to innovate with the BR-X5 Green Lum, priced at $13,300. This model, launched in late 2022, represents a significant leap for the brand, known for its square watches. The BR-X5 maintains the recognizable shape but adds an extra layer of flair with luminescent fiberglass composite.

A Closer Look at the Green Lum
The BR-X5’s case is based on the BR05 but features a multi-part construction of grade 2 titanium and LM3D luminescent fiberglass, creating a lightweight yet robust watch. Despite its bold appearance, the BR-X5 is modestly sized at 41mm in diameter and under 13mm in height. The black rubber strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit. This watch stands out in daylight and glows impressively in the dark.

Design and Movement
While retaining some classic Bell & Ross elements, the BR-X5 departs from its aviation roots with a busier dial. The left side of the dial highlights the 3-day power reserve of the BR-CAL.323 movement, made by Kenissi, and the right side features an extended date window. The dial, though busy, complements the luminous case beautifully.

Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality
Bell & Ross has prioritized aesthetic balance over function in some areas. The entire perimeter of the power reserve register is lumed, while the date window, showing three days, could have benefited from some lume for enhanced visibility. Despite these small issues, the 500-piece limited edition Green Lum is a striking addition to the BR-X5 line.

BR 03 Cyber Ceramic: A Concept Watch
Moving into the concept arena, the new BR 03 Cyber Ceramic, priced at $13,400, showcases Bell & Ross’ creativity. This model features a 42mm square, matte black, faceted ceramic case and a skeletonized movement, giving it a bold and futuristic look.

Wearability and Design
The BR 03 Cyber Ceramic, although aggressive in design, is surprisingly wearable. The lug-to-lug length is less than 44mm, and the high-quality rubber strap ensures comfort. While not the easiest watch to read, its design elements, including the subtle semblance of a skull formed by the barrel, screws, and balance-wheel, add to its appeal.

Limited Edition Appeal
Both the BR-X5 Green Lum and the BR 03 Cyber Ceramic are limited to 500 pieces each, demonstrating Bell & Ross’ innovative capabilities. These watches are not intended to represent the brand’s current offerings but hint at the exciting direction Bell & Ross is heading.

Key Points to Remember

  • BR-X5 Green Lum:
    • Priced at $13,300
    • Features a multi-part construction of grade 2 titanium and LM3D luminescent fiberglass
    • 41mm diameter, under 13mm in height
    • 3-day power reserve BR-CAL.323 movement by Kenissi
    • Limited to 500 pieces
  • BR 03 Cyber Ceramic:
    • Priced at $13,400
    • 42mm square, matte black, faceted ceramic case
    • Skeletonized movement
    • Limited to 500 pieces
  • Overall Impressions:
    • Both watches showcase Bell & Ross’ innovation and design prowess
    • Limited editions hint at the brand’s future direction

Closing Thoughts
Bell & Ross continues to push the boundaries with its innovative designs and advanced materials. The BR-X5 Green Lum and the BR 03 Cyber Ceramic are perfect examples of the brand’s ability to blend tradition with modernity. While each watch has its quirks, they both stand out as bold statements in the watchmaking world. The limited editions offer a glimpse into the future of Bell & Ross, promising exciting developments ahead for fans and collectors alike.

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