1 most expensive Hublot watch is also known as the Hublot which goes at

10 Royal Oak Offshore Don Ramon Audemars Piguet Watch: $62,000

Number 10 on the list of the most expensive Audemars Piguet watches on themarket today is the Royal Oak Offshore Don Ramon. At a cost of $62,000, thiswatch is one of the ”most reasonably” Audemars Piguet watches in production.Despite being ”affordable” compared to other watches on this list, the watchstill has a few notable features such as an 18 karat Rose Gold chronographcapable of evoking Latin warmth as well as the sensuality of Spain.

Top 10 Most Expensive Hublot Watches in the world

Here at Alux we love Hublot, they make some of the best timepieces out thereso we decided to rank the 10 most expensive Hublot watches in existence!If you didn’t know already Hubolt is a luxury watch designer. Its linefeatures many upscale, trendy and high-tech watched designed to grace the armsof the wealthiest people.Why only wealthiest? Because Hublot watches some of the most expensive watchesever made and in fact Hublot designed the most expensive watch in the world atthis time.The Swiss brand only manufactures high-tech watches that are not for everyone.Many of them are more expensive even than your home!The most expensive Hublot watch in existence happens to be the 4th mostexpensive watch in the world!Let’s see which ones are the most expensive Hublott watches in the world!

1. The Hublot – $5 million

Known simply as the Hublot, this sensational watch is priced at a whopping $5million. It was a limited-edition masterpiece which was covered with 1,200diamonds, adding up to a total 140 carats, including 6 pieces of minimum 3carats. It took 17 watchmakers 14 months to create this watch and it wasimmediately bought by Beyonce for her husband, Jay-Z.

1. The Hublot $5 million – $5 million

The most expensive Hublot watch is of course named “The Hublot $5 million”.It has encrusted 1,200 diamonds with a total weight of 140 carats. In just 14months the company finished the making of the watch.It is love among the celebrities everywhere. Even Beyonce Knowles bought herhusband Jay Z one.This manly timepiece from Hublot is crafted using the combined expertise of 12master cutters, 5 stone setters, pretty amazing if you think about it.When the watch was crafted they wanted to match the design and the concept ofits older brother the Big Bang.Is not the most expensive watch in the world, but it sure is among the mostexpensive watches in the world.Most Expensive Hublot Watches TOP 10 N1. The Hublot $5 million – $5 millionMost Expensive Hublot Watches TOP 10 N1. The Hublot $5 million – $5 millionWhich Hublot watches are your favorites? WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT the mostexpensive Hublot watches? If you feel like it you can shop the brand here!The Top 10 Most Expensive Hublot WatchesCarlo Crocco used to be part of the Binda Group dynasty of Italy. The BindaGroup is known for its Breil watches. In 1976, Crocco left the company to tryhis luck in the business. He formed MDM Geneve and he released the first watchunder this brand in 1980. The watch’s porthole-like face inspired him to callit the “Hublot.”The watch was an immediate hit. Buyers were attracted to Hublot’s modern styleand innovative strap. Hublot had set a precedent by making use of the firstnatural rubber straps ever seen on a watch. It took three years to developbefore it was decided that the strap was superior because of its ability toremain soft and supple even after extended use and exposure to the elements.It has since become a requirement for practically every watch brand.Hublot has since been bought by the French luxury goods conglomerate LVMH MoetHennessy – Louis Vuitton S.A. It has become highly sought after that BernieEcclestone, the chief executive officer of Formula One, was once mugged by agroup of men for his Hublot watch. Endorsers include the entire MancheterUnited football team, Usain Bolt, Diego Maradona and the surviving members ofthe family of Ayrton Senna.Counterfeit Hublots have also appeared in the market, forcing Hublot to devisea system to authenticate their watches on its servers. It is called theWISeKey and it started operations in August 2009.Hublot is known for making expensive watches. Here is a list of the top 10most expensive Hublot watches.

5 Millenary Carbon One Audemars Piguet Watch: $408,600

This is another expensive and outstanding Audemars Piguet watch. For $408,600excluding VAT, you enjoy a watch that has been made using the best carbon caseand ultra-light material. The watch is described as a technical wonder by manybecause of features like its seven micron carbon fibers which have been heldtogether using a resin wire and ceramic pushers, crown and bezel. In summary,the Millenary carbon one watch has been made using high-tech manufacturingtechniques and materials resulting in one of the lightest most expensivetimepieces. Only 120 Millenary carbon one watches have been made.

13 Patek Philippe 1928 Single Button Chronograph and Patek Philippe Ref

2499 “Eric Clapton” – $3,600,000via:watchonista.comWe featured two watches in this entry because they were produced by the samecompany and sold for the same amount. The 1928 chronograph features 18 karatwhite gold, 28 jewels and as with most of the watches on this list, themajority of the visible parts are made of various precious metals.Eric Clapton’s Patek Philippe was sold for $3.6 million in 2012 and has achronograph, indicates moon phases and has a perpetual calendar. The watch isdecorated with most of the parts being made with precious metals and of course23 jewels.

10 The Hublot $5 million – $5 million

This is the most expensive watch in the world and the president of the companyhas already gone on record to say that it will be difficult to top thisbecause of the limited nature and supply of the surface of the watch. It isencrusted with 1,200 diamonds weighing 140 carats in all. These include sixstones that each weigh at least three carats. The company assigned 17 peopleto the project and it took them 14 months to finish creating the watch.American superstar Beyonce Knowles has already purchased one for her husbandJay-Z.”

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