1 Patek Philippe reference 3974 circa 1992

12. Patek Philippe Platinum World Time – $4 million

This Patek Philippe was a labor of love and an investment of time. The designand assembly took place in the year 1930, but the famed watch maker did notreveal it to the world until nine years later in 1939. This particular piecewas a classic treasure with perfect execution, and a stunning aesthetic. It’shigh value is due to the brand, of course, and the rarity of the piece. Whilethere is not a lot of information available on the history of this watch, wedo known that it is a one of a kind and there has never been another of itskind made. After its initial sale in 1939, the watch wan’t seen again until itresurfaced. In 2002, it was sold for $4 million.

Patek Philippe 1949, $4.1 million

The world’s most expensive stainless steel wristwatch, Christie’s sold the1949 at auction in May 2008.This perpetual calendar watch has a face with Arabic numerals applied in blacklacquer, a steel case and a moon phase indicator.

(12) Patek Philippe Nautilus Collection

Patek Philippe Nautilus reference 5980R: A large and attractive 18K rose goldautomatic chronograph wristwatch with date, bracelet, certificate of originand box.Consigned by an important private collector, it is fresh to the market,equipped with a chronograph complication and features the fabled ‘bull’s eye’subsidiary dial. Estimate: CHF100,000-200,000 / €90,000-180,000 /USD110,000-220,000.Patek Philippe Nautilus reference 5990/1A-001: A large and attractivestainless steel automatic chronograph dual time wristwatch with date,bracelet, certificate of origin and box – Launched in 2014, Patek Philippe’sref. 5990/1A-001 quickly attracted both loyal brand enthusiasts and watchlovers at large.Considered to be the most complicated Nautilus ever made, it combines a dual-time zone with a flyback chronograph and day/night indicator. Estimate:CHF100,000-200,000 / €91,000-180,000 / USD110,000-220,000.Patek Philippe Nautilus reference 5711/1R-001: A 18K rose gold automaticwristwatch with sweep center seconds, date, bracelet, certificate of originand box – This fresh-to-the-market Patek Philippe ref. 5711/1R-001 waspurchased by the present owner, at Tiffany & Co. in New York.Already one of the most coveted Patek Philippe contemporary timepieces, thisreference 5711/1R-001 with the Tiffany & Co. signature is a grail example forNautilus collectors. Made in limited numbers, the model has never been seen atpublic auction, a testimony of its exclusivity. Estimate: CHF140,000-235,000 /€130,000-210,000 / USD150,000-255,000.Patek Philippe Nautilus reference 3700/11J: A very rare and highly attractive18K gold automatic wristwatch with date, bracelet and original box – A superbexample of the sought-after Nautilus series launched in 1980 and produced invery small numbers only.According to experts, fewer than 300 examples of the model and its sister ref.3700/1 in gold have appeared in public to date. Estimate: CHF100,000-200,000 /€91,000-180,000 / USD110,000-220,000.>

Patek Philippe Calibre 89, $6 million

Weighing in at more than two pounds, this pocket watch took five years ofresearch and more than four years to create.In addition to precise timekeeping, the Calibre 89 also takes externaltemperature. It has nearly 2,000 components, and was created in 1989 tocelebrate Patek Philipe’s 150th anniversary.

19. Patek Philippe 1944 Wristwatch in stainless steel – $2.24 million

This rare example that sold for $2.26 million is a Patek Philippe made in1944, in stainless steel. It sold for the auction price listed above atChristies. The sale took place in November of 2007 and the purchase was madeby a private museum in Switzerland. This example, as all Patek Philippe modelsare only produced in stainless steel material in limited numbers. It isdifficult to locate a perpetual calendar wrist watch in stainless steelmaterial today. There are only six known examples which are currently on themarket. Of these, are this example, the reference 1591, now in a Swiss museum,four perpetual calendar with chronograph wrist watches reference 1518, and aperpetual calendar featuring subsidiary seconds, reference 1526. Each of theserare pieces are representations of the value involved with the collection ofrare time pieces. There is not only an aesthetic and prestige factor, many ofthese fine collectibles have a great historical as well as monetary value.Patek Philippe is among the most highly collected watch brands, and certainexamples are among the most sought after in the world

(2) Patek Philippe reference 3974, circa 1991

An extremely rare 18K gold automatic minute repeating perpetual calendarwristwatch with moon phases, 24 hour and leap year and day/night indication –Presented in very good overall condition and fresh to the market, the dial ofthe present Patek Philippe ref. 3974 is certainly one of the most attractiveto adorn this model. The striking, highly charismatic black dial was fitted atthe special request of a previous owner.An extremely rare find, black dials are part of the most coveted versions ofreference 3974. Originally born with a silver opaline dial, this particulartimepiece is made highly appealing through the contrast of the deep black withthe yellow gold.Probably, the present reference 3974 is the only known example with a blackdial and gold applied hour markers. As indicated by ‘JPH’ stamped underneaththe lower left lug, the impressive case was made by renowned casemaker Jean-Pierre Hagmann of Geneva. Estimate: CHF240,000-420,000 / €220,000-380,000 /USD260,000-460,000.> Also available:>> Patek Philippe Ref. 3970E, Platinum Perpetual Calendar Chronograph> Wristwatch with Moon Phases, 24 Hour Indication and Leap Year Indication,> 36mm diameter case in Platinum, Black dial, Manual-wound movement, circa> 1997. Estimate: CHF 80,000 – CHF 120,000.>> Patek Philippe Ref. 3971 1st Series, 18K Pink Gold Perpetual Calendar> Chronograph Wristwatch with Moon Phases, 24 Hour and Leap Year Indication,> 36mm case, Silvered dial and Manual winding movement, circa 1990. Estimate:> CHF 55,000 – CHF 90,000

9. Patek Philippe Calibre 89 – $5 million

The Patek Philippe Calibre 89 is the pocket watch that was designed andcreated in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Patek Philippewatchmaking company. It was made in 1989, and is a limited editioncommemorative piece. This brilliant example contains over seventeen hundredseparate pieces with 24 hands. Things are beginning to sound very complicatedaren’t they? Now we turn to the reason for the inclusion of so many workingparts. The Patek Philippe Calibre 89 features a star chart, and a display thatpoints directly to the current moon phase. These are amazing complications,but certainly not the extent of the complexity of this piece. In addition, athermometer is included among several other gadget. A more complicated watchhad not been created at the time that this watch was made. The total of timethat it took to create this watch is nine years. This is an extremely limitededition with just four pieces produced. Each of the four watches created inthis series of four, was made of a different material. One example inplatinum, one in rose gold, one in white gold and one in yellow gold. Perhapsone of the most remarkable characteristics of this watch is the fact that theweight is almost one kilogram. The collection is among the most highly desiredPatek Philippe collections in the world and the price of $5 million is notconsidered to be robbery for enthusiasts who know the true value of the set.”

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