1 Seiko Prospex Black Ion Automatic Dive Watch

the 20 Best Seiko Watches of All-Time

Seiko is a watch company that has a rich history of watchmaking, producingsome of the world’s most beloved models throughout the years. The skilledcraftsmen have produced dozens of different watches starting with their firstproduced in 1924. The first watches were made with imported movements but asthe company grew and advanced in their technology and innovation, the firstin-house movement was used in the 1956 Seiko Marvel edition. Their firstchronograph was the Seiko Crown. These are just a few notable milestones.Although we could name dozens of special Seiko watches, we’ve chosen the top20 models of all-time for your consideration and enjoyment.

14. Seiko Prospex Mechanical Dive Watch

The Seiko Prospex is a men’s diver watch that is made for larger men. The casemeasures 44.5 mm in diameter. It’s a masculine diver watch in a mechanicalself-winding format. The display is bright and highly legible with easy toread markers and numerals. It is treated with lume on the markers and handsfor ease of viewing in low light environments. The watch is waterproof for upto 200 meters, making it an ideal watch for divers, swimmers, or those whosimply enjoy water sports. Although it’s not an inexpensive model, it’scertainly been popular as it is versatile enough to wear for casual, sportingactivities or as a dress watch.

Seiko Prospex ‘Black Ion’ SRPB55 Diver’s Watch

Nicknamed ‘Black Ion’ for its dark finish, the Seiko Prospex SRPB55 is one ofthe Japanese brand’s most striking offerings to date — aided by its metallicgold detailing. Of course, even without its handsome and slightly sinisterblack-and-gold colorway, this would be a compelling timepiece for those insearch of a solid Japanese watch. That can be accredited to its self-windingautomatic movement, water-resistance rating of 200m, 41-hour power reserve,dive timer bezel, shielded screw-down crown, and sturdy-yet-comfortablesilicone strap. Somehow both bold and refined, this watch is on another levelentirely.Size: 44mm Movement: Automatic Case: Stainless SteelPurchase: $525

Seiko Prospex SRPC91 Save The Ocean Dive Watch

Another absolutely magnificent dive watch from the Japanese brand, thislimited-edition offering is also known as the “Turtle” courtesy of its shell-shaped case. And it’s a fairly appropriate name, all things considered. Yousee, this watch features a 200m water-resistance, a 24-jewel automaticmovement that will keep on ticking for decades and decades, and aunidirectional dive timer bezel. Of course, it’s also stylish enough, with itsstainless steel case and silicone band, that you could wear it even if you’relandlocked.Purchase: $335

Seiko Prospex SBDC031 Automatic Dive Watch

One of the most sought-after and renowned of all Seiko’s offerings, theProspex SBDC031 automatic dive watch is perhaps better known by its nickname:Sumo. Highly coveted, this watch has a self-winding movement that can be hand-wound if necessary, boasts a 50-hour power reserve, boasts a durable stainlesssteel case (this one with a matching link band), and has an off-set screw-downcrown. And yes, with a 200m water-resistance rating, it’s more than suitablefor waterborne activities of all types.Purchase: $448

Seiko Prospex ‘Sumo’ SBDC033 Divers Watch

There are a couple of theories as to how this watch has earned its nickname,‘Sumo’ the first being that it boasts a rotund case reminiscent of sumowrestlers themselves and the second being that the 12 o’clock marker resemblesthe garments worn by sumo wrestlers during their bouts. In either case, thistimepiece is one of Seiko’s most well-known and sought-after offerings ever.It boasts a stainless steel case with a matching link band, an automaticmovement, a water-resistance rating of 200m, an offset crown, and more. Ifyou’re searching for a Japanese classic, this is one of the best watches youcan buy.Size: 44mm Movement: Automatic Case: Stainless SteelPurchase: $506

Seiko Prospex SNE535 Solar Dive Watch

While this watch is referred to by the brand as a “Solar Diver,” we like it abit more for its streetwear styling and unique features — like a case shroudand textured silicone strap that matches its dial and dive-timer bezel. Ofcourse, that’s hardly all this timepiece has going for it, as it also boasts apower reserve that’s good for up to 10 months, a subtle date window, a screw-down crown, and a water-resistance rating of 200m. Better still, while weappreciate the matte green colorway, it’s also available in gray and dark bluefor more style choices.Purchase: $450″

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