12 Best American Made Watch Brands Still Going Strong

Detroit Watch Company

Shinola isn’t the only watch company turning heads in the Motor City.Designers Patrick and Amy Ayoub leveraged their background in designing carsto launch the Detroit Watch Company, and their timepieces are a favorite ofAmerican watch collectors.The Detroit Watch Company honors the city’s rich history with a collection oftimepieces that reflect specific eras and locations in Detroit. The CityCollection 313 reflects the city’s iconic area code with a rotary phone-inspired face. The B24 Liberator Aviator honors Henry Ford’s Willow Run BomberFactor, which miraculously cranked B24 Bombers at a rate of one per hour andhelped turn the tide in the air war in WWII. Then there’s the M1-Woodward, aclassic timepiece that exudes the rich automotive history of Woodward Avenue,host of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise.Whether you’re a history buff who appreciates a timepiece with a story, or aserious watch collector that just has an eye for timeless style, you’ll enjoybrandishing one of these expertly crafted timepieces in the boardroom.

12 Best American-Made Watch Brands Still Going Strong

We’ve entered the renaissance of American watchmaking.This may come as a surprise, but Swiss and Japanese watches aren’t the onlynames in the game. In fact, there was a time when American watches gave theSwiss a run for their money.Don’t believe us? Check the dial on your great-grandfather’s pocket watch andyou’ll likely find the name of an American watchmaker.The United States manufactured millions of these heirloom-quality pocketwatches during the golden age of American watchmaking, and the movements werebuilt so well they’re still ticking today.

12 American Watch Companies Leading the Modern Revolution

Inspired by the rich history of American watchmaking, a handful of mastercraftsmen launched the renaissance of American watchmaking in the 1990s. Ittook some time for the movement to catch on, but the fires of innovation arespreading. Emboldened by the success of these pioneers, more entrepreneurs arejoining the growing field of American watchmakers every year.After doing some digging (and plenty of window shopping), we found 12 watchbrands leading the charge for American-made watches. Most of these companiesstill have to source some parts from abroad, but they’re all handcrafted righthere in the USA. There are a handful of luxury brands that offer 100%American-made watches with American movements, cases, and bands, and believeus — they have what it takes to compete with the best watch brands in Europe.

3. Timex Marlin

While many think of Timex as a quartz-only company, they have impressiveautomatic options as well. Shortly after Timex refocused their efforts fromwartime endeavors, they released the Timex Marlin.Source: Knut Ols (Wikimedia)The Marlin was an understated automatic dress watch that’s now considered avintage grail for many watch collectors. In fact, it’s the best Timexautomatic watch by a long shot. But instead of making you hunt for a truevintage, Timex released the Marlin reissue in 2017.Check current price on AmazonThe new version, like its predecessor, is a simple 34mm dress watch instainless steel. It features a hand-winding movement along with a brushedsilvered dial. Most vintage watches are in the four or five figure range.However, the Marlin is an absolute bargain at $200.

What Makes Timex Special and Are Timex Watches Good?

As always, before we give you the list of the best watches from any brand, wewant to tell you why we think the brand is special. After all, you may bewondering, “Are Timex watches any good?”Timex proves that price and quality can have a complementary relationship. Toooften, watcher buyers think that a higher price = higher quality.Unfortunately, with the exception of a few watchmakers, that proves to belargely a myth. Timex has proven that you can get amazing quality, stylishwatches for extremely low costs. That’s why the brand shows up multiple timeson our list of the best watches under $100.Another special quality that we love about Timex watches is the fact thatnearly everyone can wear them. If you’re a high school senior, Timex watchescan make you look sophisticated. College students and young adults looksfashionable and ‘smart.’And finally, older customers look fun and refreshing. Timex has perfected theart of not taking themselves too seriously and reminding wearers to stay youngat heart.


In 1896 Ingersoll introduced a watch called the Yankee, setting its price at$1. This made it the cheapest watch available at the time, and the first watchto be priced at one dollar; the “dollar watch” was born. It was cheaply mass-produced from stamped parts and without jewels so that it would be affordableto everyone.[1]By 1899 the Waterbury Clock Company were producing 8,000 of these watches perday for Ingersoll, who started advertising that 10,000 dealers carried theirdollar watch. By 1910, Waterbury was producing 3,500,000 dollar watches peryear for Ingersoll.[2]Over twenty years nearly forty million dollar watches were sold, and Ingersollcoined the phrase “The watch that made the dollar famous!” Theodore Rooseveltmentioned that during his hunting trip in Africa he was described as “the manfrom the country where Ingersoll was produced.”Mickey Mouse windup watch manufactured by IngersollIn 1904 Ingersoll opened a store in London, England. In 1905 Robert sailed toEngland and introduced the Crown pocket watch for 5 shillings, which was thesame value as $1 at the time. These were made by a British subsidiary,Ingersoll Ltd, initially assembled from imported parts, and later madeentirely in their London factory. These watches were made until the late1920s, after the American parent company had collapsed.Ingersoll bought the Trenton Watch Company in 1908, and the bankrupt NewEngland Watch Company in Waterbury, Connecticut, for $76,000 on November 25,1914.[2] By 1916, the company was producing 16,000 watches per day in 10models. In 1917 they produced another popular watch with 7 jewels called theReliance. In 1919 Ingersoll developed a watch with the so-called “nightdesign”, the Radiolite with luminous dial.In the 1930s, the company, now called Ingersoll-Waterbury manufactured thefirst Mickey Mouse watches.[3] Over five million of these watches would besold in the first 15 years of production.[4]

1. Timex Ironman Classic

Any list of the best Timex watches has to start with the ultra slim andlightweight Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size 38mm Watch, a watch manyconsider the best Timex digital watch.Source: Qirille (Wikimedia)In fact, it’s probably one of the best digital watches ever. This watch is alegend for watch enthusiasts and is often the first watch many people think ofwhen they think of Timex.The Timex Ironman is the most functional watch on this list with 100m waterresistance, legible face, countdown timer, alarm and backlight, all for under$50.Check current price on AmazonIf you love G-Shock functionality, but find even their small watches still alittle too large, the Timex Ironman is the watch for you. This watch is thestandard bearer for runners and swimmers.It is also extremely durable and will last a few lifetimes. And if you’reconcerned about style, this watch was a favorite of none other than PresidentBill Clinton. He even wore it with a suit when he was President.While we are partial to the classic black and grey color, if you’re lookingfor a more fashion-forward choice, the Timex Ironman Classic can be had indark blue and lime colors as well.”

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