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List of 14 Best Men’s Watch Under Rs. 500

Here you go, the best budget friendly watches that we selected for you.They’re the best in this price category. Hope you like and purchase one ofthem.

List Of Top 10 Best Men’s Watches Under 2000

Best Watches Under 2000| Watches Under 2000 —|— Kademan Brown Watches Under 2000| ₹ 1,690.00 Kademan Black and Gold Watches Under 2000| ₹ 1,490.00 Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Best Watch Under 2000| ₹ 1,496.00 Timex Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch-TW00ZR262E| ₹ 975.00 Timex Expedition Analog-Digital Beige Dial Men’s Watch – MF13| ₹ 1,657.00 Micacchi Analogue Digital Watches Boys| ₹ 1,185.00 Smartwatch Inbuild Camera Suppoting 3G/4G SIM for Phone | ₹ 899.00 Fastrack Trendies Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch| ₹ 1,462.00 TIMEWEAR Analogue Watch for Men & Boys| ₹ 899.00 Harbour Swift Men’s Watch| ₹ 799.00 * * *Best Watches For Men* * * *

Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker – Best Watches Under 2000

M.R.P.: ~~₹ 1,995.00~~ Price: ₹ 1,496.00 FREE Delivery. Details You Save: ₹ 499.00 (25%)FeaturesDial Color: Black, Case Shape: Rectangular, Dial Glass Material: Acrylic It is compatible with all iOS versions 8.0 and above and android versions 5.0and above except the following phone models :Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, SamsungGalaxy C9 Pro, Moto G5 series – all phones, Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Band Color: Black, Band Material: TPU Watch Movement Type: processor, Watch Display Type: Digital Case Material: Plastic, Case Diameter: 50 millimeters Touch screen; Note: Please charge the device completely before use 1 year manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects For technical issueskindly contact_us on : [ 1800-266-0123 ]If You are looking for a discount, Please click here for the latest price list* * * *

7. Wenger Men’s ‘Off Road’ Swiss Quartz

* Case/Bezel material. Stainless steel * Band material. Silicon * Buckle * Water resistant depth. 100 meters/330 feet * 3.84 ouncesAs the name says, we are talking about a watch that can be your time assistanton all the future adventurous trips. Off-Road quartz is one of the firstWenger watches to feature dual time zone. While on International flights, youcan set your home time as well as the current time zone.Tough stainless case envelops its moving parts, and the silicon straps aredurable as well as comfortable on your wrist. The watch is waterproof as well,so, you can also take it along on rafting and camping trips as well.8. Wenger Men’s 78255 GST Chrono Watch * Case/Bezel material. Stainless steel * Band material. Leather * Buckle * Water resistant depth. 100 meters/330 feet * Amazon shipping weight. 8.8 ouncesIf you are looking for a class, then you should check our next entry 78255 GSTChrono, which gives a new statement to your style. Whether it is a businessmeeting, a weekend party, or any other occasion, 78255 stylishly fits all ofthem. Well, that is what you can expect from a beautiful watch made ofstainless steel case combined with leather straps. Its date windows are at thefour o’ clock position while the brand’s logo is at the 12-hour mark.

Are Wenger Watches Good?

With high quality built, yet affordable price tag, Wenger watches shows someof the traits that are not always available in other affordable timepieces. Wewill discuss some of those factors, and then we will move to some of the bestWenger watches available to purchase.Sturdy built. The brand uses Synthetic Rubies, and due to the same material,their watches never faces a premature failure. There is a rumor that they usequartz crystals from China as well. However, they use the sapphire crystalcoated glass manufactured in their own factories.Precision. The brand manufactures all the moving parts itself. Due to theauthenticity of the moving parts, Wenger watches stays at the right time, evenafter years of use.Scratch resistant. Apart from the durable internal parts, Wenger watches arealso expert in using hard and coated materials to manufacture their wristwatches. Steel and sapphire crystals are some of the materials used by thebrand. Both stainless steel and sapphire crystals are one of the most robustmaterials. So, Wenger watches promises to remain scratch free and canwithstand regular wear and tear for a long duration.

Casio Enticer Analog

Rs. 2,495 in stock3 new from Rs. 2,495 Free shippingas of September 28, 2021 5:32 pm ⓘ

The History of Wenger Watches

Founded in 1893 by Theo Wenger, the brand used to manufacture knives in theinitial stages, including the blockbuster product Swiss Army Knife. As you cansee, they have more than 120 years of experience in producing useful items.However, they commenced their watch creation from 1997. Since then they havebeen true to their craft and are producing high-quality watches.Till 2004, they lacked identity as a watch manufacturer because buyers werestill considered them a knife brand, not watchmakers. In 2005, Wenger acquiredVictorinox and got a much-needed makeover that took the curve to bright sales.Today, we have several watch manufacturers, but if you want a high-end Swisswatch at an affordable price tag, you should choose Wenger.”

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