Singer Reimagined Launches the 1969 Collection: Smaller Chronographs with Improved Mechanisms

Singer 1969 Collection: New and Smaller Chronographs with Improved Mechanisms

The Singer Reimagined chronographs have always been mechanically ingenious and aesthetically appealing, but their large size made them less appealing to a majority of people. However, the new Singer 1969 Collection has proved to be a game-changer; the brand has scaled down the case size and introduced new functionality, making these watches even more intuitive.

The Heavy Hitter: Singer 1969 Chronograph

The brand’s 1969 Chronograph features an updated Agengraphe caliber, which is much smaller to fit the new 40mm case. A time display has been added, where elapsed time is centrally mounted and the current time is displayed through a pair of rotating discs at 6:00. The Chronograph incorporates jumping minutes and hours for precision, while the caliber is capable of timing events of up to 60 hours, making it a feat that only Singer can claim.

The Personal Favorite: 1969 Timer

For those who prefer simplicity, the 1969 Timer is an updated version of Singer’s Flytrack watches. The centrally mounted running seconds hand features a 60-second timer, and the pusher at 2:00 resets the seconds hand instantly to zero and starts the timing interval. The Timer has a traditional hand display for the current time, with centrally mounted hour and minute hands, as opposed to the Flytrack, which used a rotating disc mounted at the dial’s perimeter for the hour display.

Exquisite Movements

Calibers AGH 6365 and AGH 6363 for the Chronograph and Timer, respectively, are intricate mechanisms that need to be examined with a loupe. Singer has placed the rotor underneath the dial to wind the automatic AGH 6365, so the mechanism is visible in full view, along with its 491 total components, including the column wheel. The manually-wound AGH 6363 shares many of its elements with the former.

Case and Bracelet

The case is smaller, but it shares Singer’s signature aesthetic developed since Brand’s inception, with wide brushed facets and thin polished bevels. The 40mm case is accompanied by a stainless steel H-link bracelet with curved, meticulously finished links to mimic the curves discovered on racetracks.

Pricing and Availability

The Chronograph is priced at CHF 51,000, with only 50 pieces available in 2023. The Timer, priced at CHF 29,900, is also limited to 50 pieces.

Final Verdict

The Singer 1969 Collection is a masterpiece that showcases the brand’s ability to consider both practicality and aesthetics in the design of these magnificent watches. Singer Reimagined has made a statement with this new collection in the watchmaking industry and will undoubtedly continue to surprise us.

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