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—|— 1|Omega 2|Tissot 3|Cartier 4|Tiffany 5|Longines 6|Tag Heuer 7|Titan 8|Michael Kors 9|Rado 10|GC We hope the article has provided the required information about the best watchbrands in India. We have also tried to classify the brands based on the bestwatch for men and women. Most of the brands mentioned are available online.And you can buy with online offers on watches. Each brand has a unique styleand class. Choose the best wrist watch as pe your budget and taste.Frequently Asked QuestionsQ. Which is the best watch brand in India?Titan, Timex, Tommy Hilfiger, and Casio are some of the best watch brands.Q. Which is the best watch brand in India?The best watch brands are available online at leading stores such as Amazon,Flipkart, and Myntra. You can find the latest collections at stores near you.Q. Where can I get good discounts and offers on branded watches in India?You can find discounts on online stores such as Amazon and Flipkart. For bestwatch offers you can visit FreekaaMaal.comQ. I have an Rs.1,000 budget. Which watch to buy?Titan, Timex, Sonata, and Daniel Klein are few watch brands with great choicesunder Rs. 1,000 in India.15 Affordable Men’s Watches (That Look Really Expensive!)Are you looking for an attractive watch to complete your formal attire butcan’t afford, or justify, the cost of the premium brand watches? Don’t fret asthere are still viable options if you want a luxury looking timepiece withoutactually paying an excessive amount. The main challenge with coming up withthe following list is that online retailers offer a sea of tacky looking no-name watches. What you can easily end up with when you unbox those is a gaudylooking watch by a brand that offers very little quality or guarantee.However, it is possible to find handsome looking watches that are not overlyflashy and that do come from reputable brands. While most of these watchesbelow are considered fashion watch brands, there’s nothing inherently wrongwith that. These brands are known for their design and style and manage tokeep their retail prices relatively inexpensive by using affordable quartzwatch movements and finishes that are attractive without being expensive(gold-toned metal rather actual gold).Below are 15 of the most affordable yet high-grade and premium looking watchesthat you can buy today.

Michael Kors Smartwatches

It is no doubt that the brand excels in creating remarkable and traditionaltimepieces. However, they also make great smartwatches best suited for thosewho maintain a healthy, active, and fast-paced lifestyle. These pieces comewith different bracelet and strap styles as well various interfaces you cancustomize. Moreover, some of the models have stones all over its body, whilesome come with interchangeable straps. With that being said, you can see howmuch attention Michael Kors put into creating these delicate, useful andavant-garde watches. You can also notice how they incorporate their signaturelooks as well as their newly-formed ones into these models, which also provesthat the brand does not remain stagnant but only steadfast. By releasing thesesmartwatches, the brand was able to gain an even bigger following.As mentioned earlier, the first-ever smartwatch the brand publicized is theAccess Smartwatch. Other than having several display options that caninstantly change in just one swipe, it also has a built-in fitness trackingfeature you can use not only in the gym but throughout the day. You can countyour daily steps and monitor your exercise routines with this watch. It is theperfect piece to wear everyday as it can easily be paired with both youroffice and night-out outfits. The latest model of this series is called theMichael Kors Access Gen 5E MKGO Pink-Tone and Logo Rubber Smartwatch. If youdon’t want to spend too much but still prefer a powerful digital watch overthe traditional ones, you can get this one for only $250 USD.One of the latest models you can find today is the Michael Kors Gen 5 BradshawPavé Gold-Tone Smartwatch. From the title alone, you will know that this onesports precious stones all over its exteriors. Inside, the watch is powered byWear OS, which was made by Google. This bountiful operating system allows theuser to track his or her heart rate and calorie count. Since it is compatiblefor both iOS and Android phones, you can also view your social media alerts,text messages and app notifications. It also has a payment technology andsmart help feature from Google that both ensure convenience. What’s more, itis also a unisex watch despite having elaborate ornamentations. For a price of$425 USD, you will be able to experience both modernized speed andfunctionalities with this one.

How much do Michael Kors watches cost?

Prices for Michael Kors men and women’s watches can go as low as $175 USD andas expensive as $550 USD, depending on their material and specifications. Ifyou are thinking of getting one for yourself, you can refer to the table belowto see the estimated prices of the most popular MK watches out there. It willalso show you some other vital details that you will need before making adecision.Model| Price (approximate)| Size (mm)| Material | Features —|—|—|—|— Michael Kors Slim Runway Silver-Tone Stainless Steel Watch (MK3178)| $195 USD|42mm | Stainless Steel| * Quartz/3-hand movement * 50m water resistance * Oversized case * Silver-tone hardware Michael Kors Oversized Slim Runway Black-Tone Watch (MK8507)| $195 USD| 42mm|Stainless Steel | * Quartz/3-Hand movement * 50m water resistance * Oversized case * Black-tone hardware * Clasp fastening Michael Kors Parker Quartz Silver Crystal Pave Dial Ladies’ Watch (MK5925)|$139 USD| 39mm| Stainless Steel| * Quartz movement * 50m water resistance * Mineral crystal * Silver-tone hardware and hands Michael Kors Parker Chronograph Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies’ Watch (MK5925)|$275 USD| 39mm| Stainless Steel| * Quartz movement * Chronograph * 50m water resistance * Mineral crystal * Rose gold-tone hardware and hands * Push clasp Michael Kors Sofie Quartz Silver Dial Crystal Two-Tone Ladies’ Watch (MK3880)|$229 USD| 36mm| Stainless Steel| * Quartz movement * 50m water resistance * Mineral crystal * Rose gold-tone hands * Solid caseback Michael Kors Lexington Chronograph Quartz Crystal Paved Dial Men’s Watch(MK8494)| $350 USD| 44mm| Stainless Steel| * Quartz movement * 100m water resistance * Mineral crystal * Gold-tone hardware and hands * Oversized case * Solid caseback Michael Kors Lexington Chronograph Quartz Black Dial Men’s Watch (MK8602)|$139 USD| 54mm| Stainless Steel| * Quartz movement * 10 water resistance * Mineral crystal * Silver-tone hardware and hands * Solid caseback Michael Kors Oversized Bradshaw Two-Tone Watch (MK5976)| $250 USD| 43mm|Stainless Steel| * Quartz movement * 100m water Resistance * Gold-tone hardware and hands * Blue Dial * Push Clasp Michael Kors Oversized Bradshaw Pavé Gold-Tone Watch (MK6569)| $295 USD| 40mm|Stainless Steel| * Quartz movement * 100m water resistance * Mineral crystal * Gold-tone hardware and hands * Clasp fastening * Roman numeral indexes * Date display Michael Kors Gen 5E Darci Pavé Two-Tone Smartwatch (MKT5129)| $350 USD| 43mm|Stainless Steel| * Powered by Wear OS by Google * 50m water resistance * Pavé topring * Built-in fitness tracking * GPS distance tracking * Display animation * Clasp fastening Michael Kors Darci Purple Dial Rose Gold-tone Watch (MK3400)| $159 USD| 39mm|Stainless Steel| * Quartz movement * 50m water resistance * Mineral crystal * Rose gold-tone hardware and hands * Baton indices * Solid caseback Michael Kors Mini Camille Pavé Curb-Link Watch| $395 USD| 34mm| StainlessSteel| * Quartz/3-hand movement * 50m water resistance * Gold-tone hardware and hands * Mini-sized case * Clasp fastening * Pavé topring and centerlinks Michael Kors Runway Chronograph Quartz Black Dial Men’s Watch (MK5162)| $149USD| 39mm| Ceramic| * Quartz movement * 100m water resistance * Black-tone hardware * Luminous hands * Hour-markers in Arabic numerals * Date display Michael Kors Limited Edition Oversized Runway Pavé Pink-Tone Aluminum Watch(MK6885)| $495 USD| 45mm| Aluminum| * Quartz movement * Pink-tone hardware * Rose gold accents * Oversized case * 10m water resistance * Clasp fastening

Smartwatches with Top-Notch Features

As the world continues to evolve, especially now that almost everythingrevolves around the concept of digital technology, it becomes harder for watchbrands to get noticed by the general public if they do not have somethingspecial in their arsenal. To keep up with the demands of the changing times,Michael Kors decided to take things up a notch by releasing trusty, valuable,and fashionable smartwatches.Released in 2016 at Baselworld, the Michael Kors Access was the first modelamong the brand’s expansive lineup of digital timepieces. This took the worldby storm because of its groundbreaking technology. Called the Android Wear™platform, Google developed the said system, which was first seen in its ownversion called the Android Wear 2.0. Above all, the watch still embodies thesignature stylish look of a Michael Kors watch, which is considered a majorplus.Since it was the first time for the company to venture into such an amazingopportunity, Michael Kors gave their best to refine and polish the AccessSmartwatch. It comes with interchangeable leather and silicone bands as wellas classic colors and compositions. What’s more, you wouldn’t have to breakthe bank to own one of these watches. Eventually, the company brought thistrend in their other collections, such as the Michael Kors Runway and MichaelKors Darci.

Why Should You Buy A Michael Kors Watch?

* 1. It offers an affordable price range. Since most of the movements incorporated in most Michael Kors watches are quartz, expect that they come with a cheaper price compared to models with mechanical calibers. However, this does not mean that they are of poor quality. In fact, this mechanism was truly a useful invention for it does not only offer superior accuracy and low-maintenance ability but also guaranteed longevity. Watches offered by the brand are of standard quality and they also make good statement pieces to add to your wardrobe. * 2. There are many trendy designs you can choose from. As emphasized in the comprehensive discussion of the collections, Michael Kors watches have different designs, colors, finishes and technologies you can choose from. You can even opt for models that have crystal embellishments as the brand truly excels in creating them. Moreover, the timepieces MK offer also come with a good set of complications like chronograph and date display.

The Best of Michael Kors Designer Watches

Have you been wanting to own a Michael Kors designer watch for the longesttime? Allow us to walk you through some of the best Michael Kors Designerwatches you can get that would certainly fit your budget.

Where to buy Michael Kors Watches?

With over 1,000 stores worldwide, it is impossible for you to not find anearest Michael Kors dealer or boutique around your location. For a hassle-free option and transaction, you can always check out some of the reputablewatch sellers online, such as Watchshopping.com anytime and anywhere. In justone click, you’ll be able to browse through a diverse and distinct watchcatalog, whether you are on your way to work or just relaxing at home.”

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