2 Timex Q Reissue Gold Tone Bracelet Watch

11. Swatch Digital Quartz Watch

With its sharp blue face, silver accents, and rich coffee leather strap, thisSwatch Digital Quartz Watch offers just the right amount of color and pop toany outfit. Plus, the date functionality allows you to see, at a glance, whatday it is so you’re never out of the loop.© Provided by SPY Swatch Digital Quartz WatchBuy: Swatch Digital Quartz Watch $169.00

15. Swatch Transparent Silicone Watch

Swatch is known for watches that make bold and interesting statements and thisTransparent Silicone Watch certainly accomplishes both. The translucent faceallows you to see the interior workings of the watch itself, providing astriking watch that’s bound to garner all kinds of compliments when you wearit.© Provided by SPY Swatch Transparent Silicone WatchBuy: Swatch Transparent Silicone Watch $110.00

American Classic: Pan Europ Automatic Chronograph

Hamilton’s distinct American heritage shines through in this collection as itharkens back to the brand’s origins. It’s quite clear that art deco, railwayand classic sports influenced the design of this handsome line. Our clearfavorite is the re-issue of the classic Pan Europ Automatic sports watchthat’s based on the 1971 original. The new non-limited edition version has astunning , multi-layered reverse panda chrono dial, the awesome H31 automaticmovement based on the Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 and a big 45mm case.$780.00 on Amazon.com

Best Budget Watch Brands in India

Maxima: Maxima is one of the most affordable watch brands. The brand has animmense variety of watches for men, women, and kids. Maxima watches areavailable in various styles for ample choice in every category.Timex: The brand is not only one of the best watch brands in India but alsoaffordable. In fact, affordability is one of the major reasons for the successof Timex.Titan: The most popular watch brand in India also takes care of your budget.Titan has a presence in the affordable and high-end watch segment in themarket. Basically, you get plenty of choices for every budget.Daniel Klein: If you are looking for a fashion watch on a budget then DanielKlein can be easily your first choice. The watch brand offers high-fashionwatches at affordable prices.Fastrack: Fastrack watches are stylish, youthful, and also very budget-friendly. The youth-centric brand should be your first choice when looking forgreat quality on a budget.

Maintaining your Hamilton Watch

As with any well-made watch, regular maintenance is important. Some watchowners believe that a high quality timepiece doesn’t really need anymaintenance, but that’s where they’re woefully wrong. Hamilton watches,whether quartz or automatic should undergo regular maintenance by anauthorized dealer.Determining the frequency that your Hamilton should be sent in for preventivemaintenance and cleaning depends on the model, the regularity of wear,climate/environment and the treatment of the timepiece by the owner. As ageneral rule of thumb for maintenance, every 3-5 years is a good measure ofthe range. With a harsher environment with more extreme temperatures andconditions, as well as the level of abuse, more frequent maintenance is highlyrecommended to ensure longevity. Hamilton’s quartz watches require batteryreplacement every two to four years. Hamilton automatics are all Swiss, and itbehooves you to have them cleaned and recalibrated every few years.Weekly or even daily, it’s a wise idea to clean your Hamilton watch with asoft dry cloth, as well as occasionally clean all water resistant Hamiltonwatches with a small toothbrush using warm, soapy water with no corrosiveagents or detergents and then rinsing thoroughly with clean water. This willkeep your watch in excellent condition and prevent dirt particles fromdamaging the watch.For genuine and highly recommended Hamilton watch servicing, refer to themdirectly here. They provide some basic pricing for cleaning and maintenance ofautomatic movements, as well as vintage movements. They will also performbattery replacement, as well as replacement of worn parts including gaskets,crowns, pushers, etc. on a case-by-case basis. Hamilton will even refurbishcases and metal bracelets and perform a thorough ultrasonic cleaning for both.

The Watch Snob Chimes In

Hey Watch Snob,I was given a Hamilton chronograph by my boss after setting a new sales recordat work. It’s nice looking, but I don’t really wear a watch. One of mycoworkers wants to buy it from me for $450, which I think is too little.Should I sell it?First things first, you really want to sell a watch that was given to you byyour boss to a coworker, who will see said boss every day of the week? To me,that sounds like a bad, bad move. If you do want to be that guy who sells awatch given to him by his boss, $450 seems OK for most Hamilton watches.Despite their usual $1,000 price tag, they aren’t worth more than a decentlunch in Tribeca. Finally, what type of salesman doesn’t wear a watch? Get ittogether here, man

14. Armani Exchange

Armani is a top luxury fashion brand. The Italian luxury fashion branddesigns, manufacturers and distributes leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry,cosmetics, and home interiors.Emporio Armani watches bring the finest Italian watches for men and women. Thechronograph watches of the brand are very popular. Emporio Armani was foundedin the early 1980s by Giorgio Armani. He is one of the most influentialfashion designers. The brand brings quality, sophistication and timelessvalues.”

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