3 Rolex Watches Stand the Test of Time

7: Water-Resistance

Another factor that goes into the high price tag of Rolex watches is theirwater-resistance. Some models are able to withstand water depths of up to300m. To confirm those levels, Rolex dive watches are first tested underpressurized tanks before being tested in actual waters. To test Rolex Deep-Seawatches, the company also uses high pressurized water tanks that areredeveloped via COMEX.

Rolex Watches Weren’t Always Expensive

A real mind blower eh? But it’s true. When Rolex watches were introduced inthe 50s, they weren’t exactly as expensive as they are today. But as time wenton, the quality of these watches went up along with their prices. It might notmatter now, but we felt that you should know this for the sake of knowing andif you’re into history.

6: Using Precious Materials

Just when you thought you heard everything, Rolex is backed by an army ofgemologists. These are professionals who specialize in testing andincorporating precious metals such as diamonds and gold into Rolex watches.Furthermore, the brand also utilizes conventional jewelers to help themhandpick and handset diamonds and other precious stones.Also, unlike other watchmakers, Rolex is probably the only one that producestimepieces made out of gold. Yes, real, genuine gold instead of paint! Thisalso explains why some of the Rolex gold models are always on the mostexpensive watch lists. Rolex admittedly refines 24 karat gold to 18 karatwhite, ever rose or yellow gold for their watches.

2: Uses 904L Stainless Steel

A classic, unmatched design is what gives Rolex luxury watches the edge overtheir competition. One of the ways they do this is by utilizing the 904Lquality stainless steel. This steel is a lot shinier and stronger than theregular 316L steel that other watchmakers commonly use. And that kind ofstrength and resistance obviously doesn’t come cheap.The 904L stainless steel is also known as Corrosion-Resistant Superalloy thatwas introduced in 2003. Interestingly, the machines and tools that producedthe 904L stainless steel are always brand-new. This means that the companydoesn’t use the same tools and machines to make the steel. And yes, they arealso able to afford new equipment more easily than other timepiece makers.So, as you can see, it takes extra work and special skills to manufacture the904L stainless steel. And that’s why other watchmaking brands favor the 316Lsteel material.

5: Rolex Watches Are Insanely Quality-Driven

Forget about movement assembling, Rolex is an incredible “control freak” thatthey’ll ensure even the screws are perfect. Every aspect of the productionprocess is quality controlled, as one can expect from a quality-driven brand.The brand is also responsible for melting down precious metals like silver andgold, that their products use.

21+ Most Affordable Swiss Watches 2018. List of High-End Quality Swiss Made

Watches.* * *When you hear the phrase Swiss watch brand then the next thing that comes intoyour mind is capital Q – Quality. Basically affordable swiss watches getmanufactured in Switzerland and are equipped with a swiss movement.The final inspection of these watches is also carried out in Switzerland.The main point of fame with regards to affordable swiss watches is that suchwatches are both luxurious as well as expensive.The three main traits of a swiss watch are extraordinary construction,exceptional craftsmanship and brilliant mechanism.The word “Swiss Made” is itself a brand that serves as a seal of excellence.Through this article we will list to you some of the famous brands inconnection to Swiss Watches.We have classified the brands in terms of price tags so that as a purchaseryou may have a better idea with regards to different swiss brands availableout there.Here is a quick price range navigation for you:

4: The Movements Are Assembled by Hand

Of course, Rolex uses robots to produce their watches, but the tasks theyperform are typically simple ones. Some of those simple tasks include filing,sorting, and cataloging. The more complex jobs like assembling bracelets andwatch movements are actually done by hand. The watches are then double-checkedand tested by humans to ensure they are of high quality. Such hard work anddedication are absolutely priceless when you think about it.”

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