Zenith x Aaron Rodgers Collaboration: Unveiling the Green on Green Chronomaster Sport

Zenith & Aaron Rodgers: A New Collaboration

Last year, Zenith, the renowned Swiss watchmaker, announced a partnership with football player Aaron Rodgers. The collaboration was officially unveiled at an event in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the home of the Packers, where Rodgers played for 18 seasons. Despite Rodgers’ move to the New York Jets and a subsequent injury, Zenith stood by him and now presents their first joint horological creation: a green on green Chronomaster Sport. In an exclusive interview with Rodgers and Zenith CEO Julien Tornare, the details of this limited edition timepiece were revealed.

The Unique Design of the Chronomaster Sport

Created on the highly popular 41mm Chronomaster Sport platform, the watch features a striking green ceramic bezel and a matching dial. The uniform appearance of the timepiece showcases the gray-toned sub dials situated in the center, creating a new perspective on the design. Traditionally, the interplay between the dial and sub dials has been a focal point of Zenith timepieces, but in this collaboration, they take a back seat to the dominant color.

Another notable departure from previous Chronomaster Sport models is the treatment of the hour markers. Instead of the usual bar markers, this watch introduces applied Arabic numerals arranged radially rather than horizontally. This design choice may prove divisive among watch enthusiasts, but it serves as a distinctive feature that sets this limited edition apart. The watch also incorporates yellow accents on the timing hands, serving as a nod to Rodgers’ time as a player for the Green Bay Packers.

Aaron Rodgers: A Collaborative Designer

Aaron Rodgers was actively involved in the design process from start to finish, providing feedback and insights throughout the development of the timepiece. His close involvement in the project reflects the genuine fondness and respect between the player and the brand. The partnership between Rodgers and Zenith is based on mutual curiosity and an appreciation for interesting projects, rather than a typical sponsorship arrangement.

In an interview, Rodgers expressed his enthusiasm for the Chronomaster Sport, a watch he frequently wears, particularly the white dial version. This watch served as the starting point for their collaboration. The final design of the green on green Chronomaster Sport reflects the modern expression of their relationship, rather than drawing inspiration from a specific era or historical design language. While the watch may not appeal to all tastes, its personality and unique character capture the lightheartedness shared by Rodgers and Tornare.

Limited Edition Release

Zenith plans to produce only 250 examples of the Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers. Each watch will come with Rodgers’ actual signature on the box, making it a truly special and collectible item. The limited edition timepiece will be available for purchase starting November 2nd and will be priced at $12,800.


The collaboration between Zenith and Aaron Rodgers brings a fresh and unique perspective to the world of luxury watches. The green on green Chronomaster Sport embodies the spirit of the partnership, combining Rodgers’ love for the timepiece with Zenith’s commitment to exceptional design. With its distinctive color scheme, applied Arabic numerals, and yellow accents, this limited edition watch is sure to make a statement on any wrist. Whether you’re a fan of Rodgers, a watch enthusiast, or simply looking for a standout timepiece, the Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers is a must-have.

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