Breitling Revamps Their Avenger Collection: A Modern Twist on Classic Aviation Watches

Breitling Revamps Their Avenger Collection

Breitling is shaking things up with their Avenger collection of aviation watches, giving them a more modern makeover while still retaining their signature style. The Avenger range, which is relatively new compared to Breitling’s other collections, has been updated to appeal to a wider audience while remaining true to its heritage. The collection now offers chronograph, GMT, and time and date watches, with a total of 11 new references to choose from.

A Familiar Aesthetic with a Twist

The Avenger collection has always been known for its rugged and unconventional design, catering to the needs of jet pilots. The latest generation of watches brings a fresh perspective to the collection, smoothing out rough edges and making it more approachable. The iconic winged B logo has been replaced with a large scripted B, giving the watches a more contemporary look. The distinctive bezel with block sections at the cardinal positions remains, but with a slightly softer and less aggressive appearance. The dials and bracelet design have also undergone a similar transformation, resulting in a somewhat generic overall aesthetic.

Standouts in the Collection

  • The Avenger chronograph steals the spotlight in the new collection, featuring the Breitling B01 movement within a 44mm case. The dial choices are elegant and well-balanced, available in black, blue, green, and sand, with contrasting black subdials and chapter rings. The optional bracelet adds to the robustness of the watch, making it a standout piece.
  • In addition to the regular chronographs, there are two Night Mission chronographs that pay homage to the Avenger’s original design. These watches feature a black ceramic case, Arabic numerals, and are available in black or yellow dials. With a titanium crown and pushers, these watches have a rugged and action-ready aesthetic.
  • The collection also includes an Automatic GMT Avenger in a 44mm case and an Automatic Avenger in a 42mm case. Both watches use ETA-based movements and offer a range of bracelet and strap options. The time and date Automatic starts at $4,850, the Automatic GMT is priced at $5,500, and the Avenger Chronograph starts at $8,000 in steel and $9,300 in ceramic.

Overall, the new Avenger collection from Breitling showcases a modern twist on a classic aviation watch. While some may find the design choices to be more generic, the watches still offer the durability and functionality that the Avenger range is known for. With its updated aesthetics and a variety of models to choose from, the revamped Avenger collection is sure to appeal to both aviation enthusiasts and watch connoisseurs alike.

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