Citizen Teams Up with Godzilla for Limited Ecozilla Watches

Godzilla Stomps into the Watch World with Citizen
Can you believe it? Godzilla, that iconic Kaiju, is turning 70 but shows no signs of slowing down. In a monstrous collaboration with Citizen, the “King of Monsters” now lends its scaly inspiration to a new “Ecozilla” watch. This isn’t just a fancy nickname; Citizen is celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Promaster and their iconic Professional Diver 300m, fondly dubbed “Zilla”, by embracing the Godzilla theme to the fullest.

A Tale of Two Watches: Black and Red Godzillas
Citizen’s new limited-edition pieces feature camouflage patterns mirroring Godzilla’s scaly skin, with minuscule Godzillas hidden within. You have a choice: classic black and white or a fiery dark red dial symbolizing Godzilla’s rage. The watches are as robust as they sound, with biomass-derived Polyurethane bands and grey-plated stainless steel cases that even Godzilla has apparently stepped on!

Eco-Drive Movement: Power by Light
Each watch houses the Eco-Drive Cal. B873 movement, known for running six months on a full charge in power-save mode. With an accuracy of ±15 seconds per month and a substantial 300m water resistance, these watches are ready for any adventure – terrestrial or aquatic.

Sizing and Limited Edition Details
Embracing the Promaster’s beloved large dimensions, each watch measures 48.2mm by 18.5mm. The black dial version is limited to 2,500 pieces, while the red dial ramps it up to 3,000 pieces. Both are available for $900 – a small price to pay for a piece of Kaiju history.

For the Love of Massive, Bold Watches
Admittedly, I’ve always been puzzled by the allure of massive watches like the Ecozilla. They’re bold, often more watch than one might need, and frankly, a bit anachronistic. But then Citizen goes and introduces these Godzilla-inspired models, with their loud, aggressive aesthetics, and suddenly, I get it. Especially the red dial – it’s a head-turner that screams “Gojira” and pulls you in.

  • Citizen celebrates Godzilla’s 70th anniversary with limited-edition “Ecozilla” watches.
  • Two versions are available: classic black, and dark red.
  • Features include a camouflage pattern, a biomass-derived Polyurethane band, and a grey-plated stainless steel case.
  • Equipped with the Eco-Drive Cal. B873 movement.
  • Priced at $900, with 2,500 pieces in black and 3,000 in red.

Final Thoughts
Citizen’s Godzilla x Promaster Ecozilla collaboration is more than just a watch – it’s a nod to the larger-than-life character that Godzilla represents. In an era where subtlety often reigns supreme, these watches boldly defy norms, embracing their massive, unapologetic presence. They are a celebration of excess, a homage to the gargantuan spirit of Godzilla, and a testament to Citizen’s creativity in watchmaking. For fans of big, bold, and thematic timepieces, the Godzilla x Promaster Ecozilla is a monstrous, yet irresistible acquisition.

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