Oris ProPilot X Caliber 400 ‘Laser’: An Iridescent Dial Experience Like Never Before

Hands-On With the Iridescent New Oris ProPilot X Laser

Oris is expanding their ProPilot X collection with the introduction of the ProPilot X Laser, showcased at the Dubai Watch Week event. This new addition to the ProPilot X family features a unique dial created using a never-before-seen technique, making it a standout piece in Oris’ experimental lineup.

A Unique Dial Experience

Oris collaborated with a research lab affiliated to the prestigious ETH Zürich university to develop the Laser dial. Using a method that has never been applied in watchmaking before, this dial offers an ethereal and constantly changing palette of colors. The iridescent effect takes center stage, capturing the attention of onlookers.

An Emphasis on Dial Aesthetics

While many watch brands prioritize practical elements when designing dials, Oris takes a different approach with the ProPilot X Laser. The dial, made from titanium like the case, recreates optical inference and features a vertical texture. The absence of a date aperture and subtle hour markers allow the dial to become the focal point. While readability may be compromised at times, the commitment to creating a unique aesthetic is commendable.

A Familiar and Lovely Experience

Aside from the new dial, the ProPilot X Laser maintains the same impressive features as the rest of the ProPilot X collection. The 39mm titanium case measures 12mm in thickness and is accompanied by an integrated titanium bracelet. Although the bracelet lacks silky articulation, it adds to the overall elegance of the watch. The ProPilot X Laser is powered by Oris’ in-house caliber 400 and includes an exhibition caseback for a glimpse of the movement.

Pricing and Availability

The Oris ProPilot X Laser is priced at $5,200 and is available for purchase now. Watch enthusiasts should stay tuned for more updates from the Dubai Watch Week event.

Hot Take

Oris continues to push the boundaries of watch design with the introduction of the ProPilot X Laser. The unique dial, created using an innovative technique, offers an unparalleled aesthetic experience. While readability may be compromised, the ProPilot X Laser proves that sometimes, artistry takes precedence over practicality. Oris has once again demonstrated their commitment to creating intriguing timepieces that stand out in the world of watches.

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