Seiko SJE093: A Nostalgic Recreation of the 62MAS Dive Watch

Seiko Announces the SJE093: A Nostalgic Recreation of the 62MAS Dive Watch

Seiko has a special place in its heart for the iconic 62MAS dive watch, which is evident in the six re-editions it has released since 2017. The latest offering, the SJE093, stays true to the original aesthetic while incorporating a higher-end movement.

The Closest Approximation Yet

One of the standout features of the SJE093 is its case size, which is a near match to the 1965 original. With a diameter of 38mm and a thickness of just 12.5mm, this recreation is significantly more slender than previous reissues.

The New Caliber 6L37

Seiko introduces the 6L37 movement in the SJE093, a caliber specially designed for divers. This movement is an upgrade from the 6L35 and boasts improved durability and shock resistance. With a higher specification than the typical “R” calibers, the 6L37 offers enhanced stability and accuracy. It also allows for a slimmer profile, opening up exciting design possibilities for Seiko’s upper-tier timepieces.

A Note-for-Note Remake

The SJE093 faithfully replicates the original 62MAS in its design. The gray dial features a subtle sunburst finish, with rectangular hour markers filled with lume. The 38mm steel case maintains the iconic skin diver profile, now slimmer to match the proportions of the original watch. The gently curved lugs ensure a comfortable fit on various wrist sizes, making this sub-40mm sizing a sweet spot for many watch enthusiasts.

A Limited Edition

The SJE093 is a limited edition release, with only 1,965 pieces available. Seiko has created packaging that mimics the original box of the 62MAS, adding an extra touch of nostalgia. Priced at $3,500, this recreation offers collectors and watch enthusiasts the chance to own a piece of Seiko history.

Hot Take:

The Seiko SJE093 is a delightful timepiece that pays homage to the revered 62MAS dive watch. With its accurate replication of the original design and the introduction of the new 6L37 movement, Seiko continues to captivate watch enthusiasts by blending nostalgia with modern innovations. The limited edition status and the thoughtful packaging make this release a treasure for collectors. At a retail price of $3,500, the SJE093 is sure to be a hit among Seiko fans who appreciate the brand’s rich heritage.

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