Fly High With Vintage Flair: The Breitling Aerospace – A Timepiece That Soared Beyond Time

Zoom into the Stratosphere with Breitling Aerospace

Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gents, as we time travel back to the 80s, when mullets were cool and Breitling decided to launch its superstar – the Aerospace. It was as if Breitling crashed an ‘80s tech party with the poise of James Bond and the flair of David Bowie. Born in 1985, the Aerospace waved at tradition through the rearview mirror and heartily hugged quartz, the watch world’s new poster child.

Over the years, like a fine wine or George Clooney, the Breitling Aerospace just got better. Case sizes grew, almost as if they hit the gym and bulked up, and the functionality became more adept than a Swiss Army knife.

But let’s talk real talk – the early models make the heart sing an ‘80s power ballad. They offer a cornucopia of personality, fit, and, here’s the best part, value. Especially in the pre-owned market. These watches, like a proper shoulder pad, make a statement on the wrist. The ani-digi layout is smoother than a DeLorean’s ride and as nifty as MacGyver.

Get this: the whole watch is governed by a single crown. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of watch controls. Twist and press to your heart’s content. Chronograph? Check. Alarm? Double check. Countdown timer? We got you. Even the calendar knows what’s up.

The Breitling Aerospace – The Story of an Aerial Genius

Let’s take flight and explore the early Aerospace models. The original reference, the 80360, was a chimera, part of the Navitimer but with Aerospace in its heart and marketing. Made of titanium, it was as strong as the Iron Man suit but classier. Move over Tony Stark!

The earlier models had Breitling 56, a quartz movement that lasted longer than the popularity of disco. It sported a perpetual calendar, a chronograph, and a second time zone. Breitling had pilots’ backs and even produced a UTC module, which was a true wingman for any aviator.

Models like the E56062 had upgrades like a teenager going through puberty. It had a larger lower screen aperture and five-minute Arabic markings on the bezel. But this one had Aerospace on the dial, making it the poster child of its lineage.

Then came the updates. The dial design had more fonts than a high schooler’s graphic design project. The Aerospace then got the B65 movement, an ETA 998.332 quartz with a repetition chiming feature. Can you say fancy?

Key Points of Breitling Aerospace’s Legacy

  • Breitling Aerospace took flight in 1985, embracing the quartz movement with the grace of an air ballet.
  • Single crown controls an entire realm of complications, making it the multi-tool of the watch world.
  • Early models, especially the E56062, have a unique charm that’s part vintage, part nostalgia, and all class.
  • Breitling 56 quartz movement offered perks like a perpetual calendar, chronograph, and a second time zone.
  • Later models continued to evolve like a Pokémon, getting cooler and more powerful.

Final Takeoff

Strap on a Breitling Aerospace, and you’re not just wearing a watch; you’re donning a legacy that’s equal parts style, innovation, and aviation history. Whether you’re a pilot, a watch aficionado, or just someone who knows cool when they see it, the Aerospace is your wingman in the skies of horology. So go ahead, Maverick, take off into that horizon with the confidence of a pilot and the swagger of an ‘80s rockstar.

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