Groove Through Time: Unveiling the Tissot PRX Powermatic 35mm – A Retro Classic Redefined

Stepping Into Retro Futurism: The Tissot PRX Powermatic 35mm

Flashback to the 1970s! Disco, flared pants, and now… the groovy Tissot PRX Powermatic 35mm, baby! Let’s get on the funky train as Tissot takes us through time with this snazzy piece, whispering in our ears, “Can you dig it?”.

Tissot just rocked our world by unveiling a new gem to the PRX line. Picture this: you’ve seen the 35mm PRX models – elegant, slim, but alas, only available in quartz. Well, let the bells toll because the 35mm now dances to the beat of the Powermatic 80 automatic movement!

It’s like Tissot took the premium goodness of the Powermatic 40mm, and shrank it into a more versatile, and dare we say, unisex 35mm case size. These funky timepieces are permanently strutting down the PRX collection runway, with dial colors that would make even a peacock envious: blue, black, green, and a mystical white mother of pearl.

Shimmy down to the specs, these watches sport the signature ‘70s case design, integrated bracelet, fantastic clasp system, signature waffle dial (which is like having waffles, but for your wrist), three o’clock date window, and the Powermatic 80 movement with 80 glorious hours of power reserve. Can you imagine dancing for 80 hours straight? Neither can we, but this watch sure can! It even flaunts its movement through an exhibition caseback. Oh, and it doesn’t mind a splash, being water-resistant up to 100mm.

The Breakdown

  • The Tissot PRX Powermatic is shaking things up with a 35mm automatic variant.
  • It’s inspired by the original PRX line from the 1970s, bringing nostalgia with a twist.
  • Dial colors include blue, black, green, and white mother of pearl.
  • It features the same ‘70s case design, integrated bracelet, and has a water resistance of 100mm.
  • The Powermatic 80 movement ensures an 80-hour power reserve, so it keeps ticking while you’re disco napping.
  • Not a limited edition, this baby is here to stay and groove forever.

The Hot Take

Okay, let’s get real here for a second. The Tissot PRX Powermatic 35mm is like that unexpected song on a playlist that gets everyone on the dance floor. It’s retro, but so darn modern. It’s like a DeLorean that tells time. With its unisex size and a Powermatic 80 movement, it’s not just a watch; it’s an experience. For those who felt the 40mm was like wearing a disco ball on their wrist, the 35mm is the perfect jam.

Personally, I’m all over this watch like glitter on a disco ball. It’s got charm, it’s got style, and most importantly, it’s got soul. In a world where wristwatches tend to either shout or whisper, the Tissot PRX Powermatic 35mm effortlessly sings. If I had to summarize this watch in two words, it would be “Absolutely Fabulous”. So grab your flares and get ready to boogie with this time-t

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