10 Gucci Soft Stirrup Black Crocodile Shoulder Bag

5 Gucci crocodile Tote

via pinterestTheir products represent Italian craftsmanship at its finest, and this Guccitote lead the way for many designers that came after the Italian brand. TheGucci Tote, which is the staple and most recognizable bag of the high-qualityluxurious Italian brand, is dreamy for many fashion lovers. If the lavishbrown and beige tote was not $32,000, many women would instantly stop dreamingabout the product that features brown crocodile leather and rustic nickelhardware and go out and purchase it. This purse is certainly Gucci!

3: Soft Stirrup Black Crocodile Shoulder Bag – Price $30,000

The Soft Stirrup Black Crocodile Shoulder Bag is among the most recognizableGucci products in the world due to its legendary quality and the unique shape.The bag was never made available for general sale and every time one iscrafted, it’s instantly bought.The crocodile leather used in the making of this bag, the masterful stitchesof the artisans in Florence, the pure gold buckle and the amazingsophistication and mastery of Gucci’s designs have made this shoulder bag aunique item desired despite despite its sky high price tag of $30,000.

9 Gucci Stirrup Brown Crocodile Top Handle Handbag

via PinterestGucci attracts a variety of clientele because of their evolving style, butsince the very beginning, when Gucci became a luxurious and trusted brand,stars have flocked over to Gucci knowing they’d be purchasing the highestquality products. Any fashion mogul will recognize a Gucci handbag without thefamous GG logo on it, and the Stirrup Brown Crocodile Top Handle Handbag isone of them.The classic bag was first introduced in 1975, and now has been constantlyrevamped and modernized, making the price of this medium sized elegant bag$26,500.However, the colour and style can pretty much go with any outfit, so really,it’s an investment!

7 Gucci Light brown 1921 Collection Medium Shoulder bag

via pinterestIf you’re looking for a versatile handbag that is elegant, timeless, and madeof genuine crocodile skin and you are willing to spend $27,000, then splurgeon the 1921 Collection Medium Shoulderbag in light brown. Like all thepreviously-mentioned 1921 collection bags on the list, the light browncrocodile versatile purse costs a grand $27,000. The light brown that is aneutral tone looks very exotic on the crocodile skin, and with a detailedstrap and light gold hardware for some extra flare, the price tag of thisluxury brand purse is visible.

12 Gucci Soft Stirrup Light Pink Crocodile Shoulder Bag

via LystSome commoners could afford to buy themselves an iconic and luxurious Guccihandbag, unless it is made of crocodile skin. With Michele, the latest Guccicreative director who believes that more is more, releasing many crocodileGucci handbags is a trend.And so, if you ever have $28,000 laying around somewhere in the house and youare a fan of pastel, soft-toned, and neutral handbags, opt for the ubiquitousGucci Soft Stirrup Light Pink Crocodile Shoulder Bag.The high-quality crocodile skin means it is worth every Gucci dollar.

1 Gucci Sequin Dress

This Gucci Sequin dress just screams extravagant. You can be sure that whoeverwears this piece will command the attention of any room they walk into. Thedress is hard to get your hands on now, but if you could, it would cost you$12,900. It doesn’t get any more glamorous than this.The dress was purchased by Beyoncé, who seems to be a fan of the Italianfashion house. And if there’s anybody who can pull off such an OTT look, it’sQueen B, who looks the best in glittering gold.NEXT: Every Cast Member Of Sex And The City’s Net WorthNext 10 Hollywood Actors Who Are Also Certified Martial ArtistsAbout The AuthorVanessa (74 Articles Published)Vanessa is one of Valnet’s contributing writers. She writes content for TheTravel, The Things, The Talko, The Richest, and Screen Rant.More From VanessaTop 10 Most Expensive Gucci Items Sold in 2021 * Top 10 Most Expensive Gucci Products * Top 10 Most Expensive Gucci Items in 2021 * 10. Gucci Princetown Loafer – Price $2,600 * 9. Gucci Genius Jeans – Price $4,000 * 8. Gucci Sylvie Purse – Price $4,000 * 7. Gucci Men’s I-Digital Grammy Special Edition Watch – Price $7,900 * 6. Gucci Sequin Dress – Price $12,900 * 5. Gucci Biker Jacket – Price $18,650 * 4. Gucci 1921 Collection Medium Shoulder Bag – Price $28,990 * 3. Soft Stirrup Black Crocodile Shoulder Bag – Price $30,000 * 2. Gucci Crocodile Tote Bag with Bamboo Handle – Price $32,000 * 1. Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt – Price $250,000

3. Soft Stirrup Black Crocodile Shoulder Bag – Price $30,000

This bag is made of crocodile skin with gold hardware. It has a carryingcapacity of two credit cards. The Soft Stirrup Black Crocodile Shoulder Bag is among the most iconic Gucciproducts in their collection due to its legendary quality of craftsmanship andattention to detail. The bag has not been available for general sale, andevery time one is released, The leather, the stitches, the gold buckle, and the design of this bag make itextremely rare and desirable. Despite its small size and simple design, Guccimakes it an item that’s popular among even regular customers – simply put,they know quality.”

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