21 Best Hugo Boss Orange Watches For Men

Is Hugo Boss A Good Brand?

Within the watch industry Hugo Boss has a pretty good brand reputation. Theirwatches are built to a high end finish with a real focus on the style and lookof the timepiece. If you’re looking for a watch from a recognisable designerbrand that will wow people, then Hugo Boss is worth considering.

19. Hugo Boss Aeroliner Men’s Quartz Chronograph Watch

Buy on Amazon or Watch ShopNext on our list of the best Hugo Boss watches for men is this popular largerchronograph. This model has a nice big 44mm casing with a thickness of 12mm.The dial features 3 chronograph sub dials as well as a small date display.I like these high visibility bold numerals around the outer dial on thismodel. Like the previous affordable Hugo Boss watch, this model has a 50mwater resistance rating and is powered by an accurate quartz movement.

The History Of Hugo Boss Watches

Hugo Boss are a huge, well known luxury designer brand from Germany withglobal sales totalling above €2.9 billion in 2019. Hugo Boss AG was founded byHugo Boss in 1924 with the original purpose of manufacturing and sellingclothing. The brand does have a questionable past surrounding the war that Iwon’t go into much here. If you’d like to know more about the Hugo Boss brandand WWII check out the wiki page linked.With the death of Hugo Boss in 1948 the company started to focus on men’ssuits, they later went public in 1988 and expanded into fragrance lines. Bythe year 2000 Hugo Boss also had an established women’s collection, with achildren’s clothing line introduced between 2006 – 2007.These days Hugo Boss has over 6,102 points of sales across 124 countries.These range from shops they directly own, monobrand shops and franchise ownedshops.For a full break down on the growth of the company over the years you canlearn all about the history of Hugo Boss watches here.

20. Hugo Boss Orange 1513306 – Tokyo watch Black Gents Watch With DayDate

Click here for the latest reviews, ratings and PRICES on AmazonNotable Features * Model Number: 1513306 * Case Material: Stainless steel * Case Diameter: 44mm * Case Thickness: 12mm * Strap Material: Silicone * Movement: Quartz

Where Are Hugo Boss Watches Made?

Like many designer watch brands Hugo Boss has the majority of their timepiecesproduced in Asia, most commonly China. This is similar to brands like EmporioArmani and Michael Kors.Some people would argue that if you’re paying this sort of price you shouldopt for a Japanese brand like Citizen or Seiko as they typically producehigher quality watches for the price – giving you better value for money.That’s a fair statement in my opinion. It really just comes down to the styleyou’re after though.There’s a small selection of Hugo Boss watches that are actually Swiss made orfeature a Swiss movement. These should clearly say on them if they are Swissmade. Albeit, it really is only a small collection of them.

Where To Buy Hugo Boss Watches

As always I’m going to stick to recommending places I’ve actually purchasedwatches from in the past. This means I’m often advising people to check outeither Amazon or Watch Shop.Watch shop – I purchased my own Hugo Boss watch from this company a few yearsback. They’re a large specialist retailer in the industry that offer greatcustomer service and will be able to help you out with any queries you mighthave.Amazon – as I’m sure many of you know, Amazon can be great for value for moneyand the sheer size of what’s available. As always it’s best to check out thereviews for the seller on any item you look at buying on this marketplace.

How Much Are Hugo Boss Watches?

Speaking of paying towards the brand name – how much do Hugo Boss watches costanyway? I purchased my own Hugo Boss watch a few years ago now for just shy of£500. This is sort of the higher end price point for their watches. You canpick up one of their stylish watches from around £150+ with the bulk of theirwatches sitting in the £200 – £300 price point.”

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