3 Chopard Secret Watch 508 000

4 Piaget Polo 38 mm White Gold Pave Diamond Watch – $150,000

The Piaget Polo 38 mm White Gold Pave Diamond Watch has a diamond dial andbracelet made of white gold that weighs 18 karats. The strap features a hiddenfolding clasp. This large watch measures 38 millimeters in diameter and 8.5millimeters in thickness. It has self-winding automatic movement, powerreserve of up to 72 hours and water resistance of up to 30 meters. The watchalso has a diamond bezel.

3 Piaget Polo 40 mm White Gold Diamond Watch – $160,000

The Piaget Polo 40 mm White Gold Diamond Watch has a silver dial and braceletmade of white gold that weighs 18 karats and folding clasp. This large watchmeasures 40 millimeters in diameter and is water resistant up to a distance of30 meters. It has self-winding automatic movement and power reserve that canlast up to 40 hours. The watch also has a diamond bezel.

1 Chopard 201-Carat Watch – $25 million

The Chopard 201-Carat Watch is probably the most expensive watch in the world.It is made of white and yellow diamonds that weigh 163 carats, in addition tothe three heart-shaped diamonds consisting of the 15-carat pink, 12-carat blueand 11-carat white. A special mechanism can be pressed that would open up thethree heart diamonds to reveal the time.Next Living Less? 10 Celebrities Who Left Hollywood For a Normal lifeAbout The AuthorSammy Said (1483 Articles Published)Sammy is a real estate tycoon but is also a fanatic of editorial production.Having managed a powerhouse content production team in the past, he launchedTheRichest as a passion project.More From Sammy SaidMost Expensive Chopard WatchesChopard is a watch company which invests in opulence and luxury. It is basedin Switzerland and is popular for being the yard stick when it comes tometiculousness in timekeeping and ornaments. Although that repute first cameto the fore in the 1960s. This was when was bought by Karl Scheufele III. Ithas in fact been very widely held since the 19th century.Louis Ulysse Chopard created the company in the 1860s at the age of 24. Thecompany is also popular for the exquisiteness of its timepieces. We arepresenting you with a list of the most expensive Chopard watches.

6 Piaget Polo 32 mm White Gold Pave Diamond Watch – $130,000

The Piaget Polo 32 mm White Gold Pave Diamond Watch has a pave dial andbracelet made of white gold and diamonds with folding clasp. This small watchhas precision Swiss quartz movement and is water resistant up to a distance of30 meters. The case measures 32 millimeters in diameter and is fully pavedwith diamonds.

3. Chopard Secret Watch – $508,000

The Chopard Secret consists of acover set diamond dial with aright-angledframe. The case is crusted with dazzling, four-sided and baguette-cut diamondsweighing19 carats.The belt is designed with satin and vaunts of a fastening of baguette-cutdiamond. Can you believe it that only two of such watches have been made?

1. Chopard 201-Carat Watch – $25 million

This watch is perhaps the most expensive timepiece in the whole world. It haswhite and yellow diamonds which weigh 163 carats. In addition to this, it hasthree heart-shaped diamonds.Continue ReadingA special apparatus can be pushed to reveal these magnificent three heartdiamonds which would thendisclose the time.

9 Limelight White Gold Diamond

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