3 Rolex Bao Dai 5 1 Million

4. Eric Clapton’s Rolex “Oyster Albino” Cosmograph Daytona

For watch collectors who are also big fans of music, Eric Clapton’s Rolex“Oyster Albino” Cosmograph Daytona is the holy grail. It was sold for $1.4million at a Phillips auction in Geneva on May 10, 2015. It was originallyauctioned by Sotheby’s in New York in 2003, selling for just $505,000.Manufactured in 1971, the Reference 6263 is unique in that it is just one offour examples with silvered chronograph totalizers in the same color as thesilvered dial, hence the “Albino” moniker. Normally, a Reference 6263 hasblack chronograph totalizers. It is housed in a stainless steel case and ispowered by a manually wound Caliber 727.The fact that it was once owned by Eric Clapton only boosted the price to anunprecedented territory. Clapton – known for the hit songs “Blue Eyes Blue,”“Wonderful Tonight,” and “Tears in Heaven” – bought the watch in the 1990s.

5 Eric Clapton’s Rolex “Oyster Albino” Cosmograph Daytona – $1.4 Million

Singer Eric Clapton once owned this watch, which was sold for $1.4 million. Aninteresting fact about it is that this watch was actually sold for a large sumof money two times.The first time this watch was sold was back in 2003, and someone paid $505,000for it. It was sold again approximately twelve years later.There are lots of things that make this watch a very special one other thanthe fact that it was owned by Clapton. Most versions of this watch featuremultiple colors on the dial, but there are four of them that only feature asingle color on it.

1 Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona – $17.8 Million

This watch was given to actor Paul Newman when he was working on the filmWinning, which is probably part of the reason why it was sold for $17.8million. This Rolex Daytona is the most expensive Rolex watch, and it is alsothe most expensive watch that has ever been sold in general.Previously, the most expensive watch ever sold was a 1943 Patek Philippeperpetual calendar chronograph, which managed to rake in $11 million a fewyears ago. This watch is not very unique. It seems likely that the only reasonit has managed to get this much attention is because it was once owned byNewman, thus making an interesting little piece of history.NEXT: 10 Most Expensive Art Installations In Recent MemoryNext 10 Hollywood Actors Who Are Also Certified Martial ArtistsAbout The AuthorKirstie Landry (21 Articles Published)Kirstie writes about a little bit of everything. When she’s not writing, she’sspending time with her husband and dogs while sipping coffee. Landry alsolikes to come up with ideas for books that she will never actually write. Shecan be found on Facebook at Kirstie Landry, Writer.More From Kirstie Landry10 Of The World’s Rarest Watches That Cost A FortuneThousands of years ago, human beings began keeping track of the sun and themoon because they needed to fill in that downtime between hunting andgathering. Eventually, we developed different ways to keep track of time viaoil lamps, sundials, and eventually the watch. The first wind-up watchappeared in the 16th century. Watches soon evolved into more than just a toolto keep track of our inevitable march to death–it’s now used as a statussymbol. Wearing any of the 10 watches below is a quick way of telling theworld you are wealthy.

2 Rolex Daytona Reference 6265 – $5.9 Million

This watch is pretty rare, and it doesn’t look like many other watches, sothat is probably why it was sold for $5.9 million in 2018. This particularmodel is the only one that is available in 18-karat gold, and that is why itwas nicknamed “the Unicorn.”This watch is the second most expensive Rolex watch, and it is easy to seewhy. It used to be owned by a collector named John Goldberger. He originallydid not want to sell the watch due to how rare it is, but he ended up changinghis mind. The proceeds from the sale went to a charity.

3. 1942 Rolex Antimagnetique

The 1942 Rolex Antimagnetique is the largest Rolex ever made, making it atruly unique piece among Rolex timepieces. Naturally, it fetched a largeamount of money at a Phillips auction in Geneva, selling for almost $2.5million on May 14, 2016.The 1942 Rolex Antimagnetique was never made available to the public. It wasan exclusive watch given to a select group of racing teams and their drivers.With only 12 examples known to exist, the 44 mm split-seconds chronograph isone of the rarest watches in the world. It is encased in stainless steel andincludes a pair of subsidiary dials for constant seconds and 30 minutesregister.

8 Rolex Platinum Diamond Pearlmaster – $277,850

In 2011, the Rolex Platinum Diamond Pearlmaster went on sale for the whoppingprice of $277,850, which makes it the eighth most expensive watch the companyhas ever sold. One of the reasons why this watch looks so cool is the factthat there are forty-two diamonds in its bezel, which is a type of ring thatall watches have.This model is a limited-edition watch, which only makes it even moreintriguing. This particular type of watch is based on the Day-Date collection,and it has a very sleek, stylish, and unique look to it. Just the appearanceof this watch is a great indicator of how much it costs, since it looks veryexpensive.

1. Graff Diamonds Hallucination

thebillionaireshop.comThe most expensive item ever displayed at the Baselworld Exhibition is TheGraff Hallucination watch. The distinct timepiece is covered with rare,multicolored diamonds and described as a “structural masterpiece.” The stonesused for the watch were chosen by Mr. Graff over a span of a few years andwere meticulously placed, one by one. Other watches pale in comparison to TheHallucination, not only because of the beauty of each individual coloreddiamond that make up the watch, but also for its mindblowing $55 milliondollar price tag, making it one of the most expensive watches in the world.TikTok Millionaire: How Khaby Lame Went From Penniless To Millionaire WithoutSaying A WordAbout The AuthorElaine Chaney (27 Articles Published)Writer. Editor. Wanna-Be Comedian. Bad Mother Twerker.More From Elaine Chaney”

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