7 TAG Heuer La Chaux de Fonds

2. Tissot

TissotSHOP NOWSince 1983, Tissot belongs to the Swiss conglomerate Swatch Group (Longines,Breguet, Blancpain, Omega) and has several firsts to its credit.It is known to have introduced the first mass-produced pocket watch and thefirst pocket watch with two time zones in 1853 and the first anti-magneticwatch in 1929–30.Tissot merged with the Omega watch making family in 1930 and has been theofficial watch brand (timekeeper) for many sports events including the IIHFIce Hockey World Championships, FIE Fencing World Championships, FIBABasketball Tournaments, FIM Superbike World Championships, MotoGP events,NASCAR races, Official Asian Games, AFL Australian Football League, CBAChinese Basketball Association, UCI International Cycling Union, CommonwealthGames.If you want to buy a classic Tissot watch, then the Tissot Everytime is a goodpick as it combines classic, timeless design with a cool minimalist, modernface, Water-resistant up to a pressure of 3 bar (30 m / 100 ft), its rose goldfinish is our favourite.

10. IWC (Schaffhausen)

Our journey begins in Schaffhaussen. Just a few kilometers away from theGerman border, where the International Watch Company was originally founded in1868. Since then, it stands for Swiss watches produced according to thehighest possible technical benchmarks. In 1993, IWC constructed one of themost complicated wristwatches in history: the Destriero Scafusia. In the1950s, IWC produced timepieces as one of a few manufacturers with case sizeslarger than 4 centimeters and with pocket watch calibres that were highlyaccurate and reliable. Today, IWC is in sync with current trends without the necessity of having hadto adapt at some point in time. As far as its recent collection is concerned,IWC’s range of timepieces is more substantial than it has ever been before.There are elegant timekeepers in the form of the Portugieser and Portofino,diving watches like the Aquatimer, and of course the pilot watches genre withwhich IWC is inseparably connected since the 1930s. Famous Models: Portugieser, Mark, Große Fliegeruhr (Big Pilot), Portofino,Aquatimer, Ingenieur


Hamilton Ventura. (See on Amazon)Originally an American watch brand that started in Pennsylvania, Hamilton wentthrough various transitions as a company until it finally became part of theSwatch Group. With such conglomerate as its back-up, Hamilton is nowofficially a Swiss brand with its headquarters in Bienne, Switzerland, and itstimepieces equipped with Swiss ETA automatic movements.Belonging in the Swatch Group, Hamilton is considered at the lower end sinceit is only a mid-priced brand, especially when compared to other Swiss brandsin the Group such as Longines, Omega, and Glashutte Original.Despite this, Hamilton is very well accepted and regarded by watch aficionadosconsidering their premium quality even at very affordable price points. Itsclassic look inspired by the 1920s, 30s, and 40s is also well-liked. Yet,Hamilton has also quite recently explored sporty and modern designs to offer awider range of choices for its consumers.More so, we have prepared a detailed review focusing on Hamilton.If you want to see the Best Hamilton Watches for Men and Women.

1. Patek Philippe (Geneva)

When watch aficionados start throwing around four digit numbers, then youmight be witnessing a discussion about the different Patek Philippereferences. That being said, we’ve made our way to the absolute high end scaleof the luxury watch world and going to end our list of the top 10 Swiss watchbrands with the most prestigious of them all: Patek Philippe. Its referencesregularly achieve record sums at the largest auction houses, where one of itswatches can trade ownership for a two figure million sum. In 2014, Patek Philippe Henry Graves “Supercomplication” became the mostexpensive auctioned watch of all time with a price of 16 million GBP. Today,Patek cultivates and grooms its exclusive image and waiting times for certainmodels are standard fair as the demand far surpasses the supply sometimes. Canwe provide any examples? The yearly amount of Patek Philippe Sky MoonTourbillon can be counted on one hand. Sometimes it’s two, sometimes three, oreven five timepieces. If someone wants to get their hands on one of itspopular timekeepers, they have to personally meet and greet the companydirector, Thierry Stern. Along with its rich company history is an equally rigorous philosophy: thesame quality standards apply to all of its watch models. Regardless if it’s aGrande Complication or “just” a Calatrava or Nautilus reference, the watchmodels from Patek Philippe form in our opinion the pinnacle of horologiccreativity made in Switzerland. Famous Models: Calatrava, Nautilus, Ellipse, Gondolo, Grande Complicationmodels (e.g. Ref. 2499)15 Affordable Swiss Watch BrandsWhen it comes to watches, aside from the movement used, style, display, powersource, and functionality, most serious watch aficionados and collectors alsoconsider where the timepiece was manufactured. Swiss-made watches are a verypopular choice.Regardless of the brand, Swiss watches have an established reputation forexceptional quality. Switzerland has a long watchmaking history and theindustry is highly regulated. There are strict regulations on using the Swiss-Made label. Because of this, most Swiss watch brands are also considered veryexpensive and the majority of luxury watch brands have their roots inSwitzerland.Many people associate Swiss watches with brands like Patek Philippe orAudemars Piguet that are reserved for the ultra-wealthy and celebrities. Butif you wish to have a genuine Swiss watch without spending so much, then we’vegot great news for you. In this post, we will provide a list of Swiss watchbrands that you can consider and won’t break the bank. We’ve also provided aquick overview of each brand.Swiss watches are known for quality and horological history. They are alsosome of the most expensive. Below are some of the more affordable brands.After getting an overview of the brands, to help you narrow your choices down,you might also want to check out our picks for the Best Swiss Watches Under$500.

Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant Classics. (See on Amazon)Although last on this list, Frederique Constant receives only great reviewsand feedbacks from watch collectors and enthusiasts. They affirm that thebrand’s timepieces are made with exceptional quality, which makes it a worthyinvestment.Frederique Constant is relatively a young watch brand in the world of Swisswatches. It started only in 1988 yet it quickly grew and expanded its marketacross the globe. Another significant leap for the brand was when it becamepart of The Citizen Holding Group in 2016. This business move helped the brandreached a farther and wider market.Know more about Frederique Constant and its featured collections on ourdetailed review here.Swiss Made Logo (Credit: wikimedia.org)Well, that concludes our list of affordable Swiss watch brands. With so manyquality Swiss brands, it’s hard to come up with a definitive list but we hopethat this list helps narrow down your choices. As the list shows, you canactually own a reliable, accurate and premium-quality Swiss watch withoutbeing too luxurious.It’s also a great reminder that you don’t have to settle for knockoffs to havea good-looking watch. From the brands we listed, you can be assured that youhave a genuine Swiss-made timepiece that doesn’t compromise build quality,style nor accuracy. Timepieces from these brands are also great value formoney. Happy watch shopping!10 Best Women’s Watch BrandsWhatever be your age, your watch speaks volumes about your style, personalityand taste.Whether your style is sporty, chic, classic or techie, it’s important tochoose a watch from a brand that reflects your commitment towards quality.Here are some of the best watch brands for women in India.Make your pick based on your budget and style.

5. Blancpain (Le Brassus)

After a short half an hour drive, we’ve reached the next destination on ourlist. Where time appears to tick a bit more slowly than everywhere else:almost like a mechanical watch before it comes to a full stop. We’re talkingabout the Vallée de Joux, known as the valley of watches and the ruralcounterpart to Germany’s Glashütte. In about two decades, the small village of La Brassus will celebrate the 300year anniversary of Blancpain: the oldest still active watch producer in theworld. It’s remarkable that even to the present day, not a single quartz watchhas ever left through its front doors, but only models with mechanicalmovements. This commitment to mechanical timepieces was born out of a passion for luxurywatches. Even going so far as Blancpain placing its bets entirely onmechanical based production during the peak of the Quartz Crisis, while othermanufacturers had shifted towards quartz based watches. This persistenceeventually caused some difficulties during a time where the usefulness of thebattery triumphed over gear train and lever escapement purism. Jean-Claude Biver, today CEO of TAG Heuer, was ultimately responsible forbreathing fresh life into the tradition based Swiss watch company andreturning it to the road of success in the 1990s. Today, Blancpain is countedamong the major production players in the industry with model classics such asthe Fifty Fathoms as well as the Villeret. Famous Models: Le Brassus, Villeret, Fifty Fathoms


Swatch Quartz Rainbow. (See on Amazon)Another huge Swiss brand that we need to discuss is, of course, Swatch. As youmay have thought, it is also one of the subsidiaries of the well-known watchconglomerate, The Swatch Group.For some, it may be surprising to realize that Swatch is actually Swiss-madebecause its products are pretty affordable to a wide range of the market. But,it is indeed a fact that the brand’s headquarters is located in Biel,Switzerland. Its founder, Nicolas Hayek, is also a full-fledged Swisswatchmaker.Another aspect of why Swatch is quite distinctive as a Swiss brand is itsstyle. While most other Swiss brands (especially those listed here), usuallyoffer dress, formal, or sports watches, Swatch decided to cater to the side ofthe market that prefers casual, creative styles. Which is why most Swatchwatches come with plastic or silicone bands.As such, instead of being compared to other Swiss brands, Swatch’s competitorsare actually Timex, Casio, and Fossil. Despite this, Swatch is well-respectedin the watch industry and has a reputation for producing good-quality watchesequipped with accurate quartz movement.However, because of the brand’s choice of materials, watch collectors easilydismiss Swatch watches. Is it worth buying? We suggest that you continuereading our full review of the Swatch brand here to help you decide.”

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