Farer Unveils Its Latest Chronograph Sport Titanium Collection at Competitive Price

Farer Rolls Out Chronograph Sport Titanium Watch Collection

Farer has once again proven its worth in the watchmaking industry with the release of its newest Chronograph Sport Titanium collection. As the name suggests, the collection is made of a lightweight titanium frame, which reduces the overall weight by 20% compared to its steel predecessor. Moreover, the light-colored metal enhances Farer’s popular designs and further increases the collection’s appeal.

Farer: Bold and Contemporary Designs

Farer is a brand that specializes in updating classic designs using contemporary color combinations, ultimately producing a unique and timeless piece without being ostentatious. It has become apparent in the design of the two colorways used for the Chronograph Sport Titanium line-up, the Carnegie and the Bernina. Both color themes are inspired by motor races in St. Moritz and come with a common design language that’s both vintage and modern.

Carnegie and Bernina Models: A Closer Look

The Carnegie model highlights the alpine design in St. Mortiz, with its blue and bronze accents. The subtlety of the sunburst dial and silver accents provides a classic touch that could rival watches of the greatest racers in the past. The addition of a ceramic bezel, Super-LumiNova hour markers, and three sub-dials solidifies the impression of the watch’s superiority over others in its class.

The Bernina model comes with a more vibrant personality, perfect for those seeking something edgier. The red and off-white accents give the watch a sportier look and feel. The blue hands on the sub-dials, sporty design updates of the steel Bernina version enhance the watch’s general look and feel.

Features of the Farer Chronograph Sport Titanium

The Chronograph Sport Titanium models possess numerous features. For starters, the 41mm case is composed of Grade 2 Titanium. The dials are surrounded by a ceramic bezel with an engraved tachymeter scale in a complementary colorway. The models run on a Sellita SW510M B movement, with an excellent reserve power lasting up to 63 hours when fully wound.

Price and Availability

The Chronograph Sport Titanium collection is priced at $1,995 and available directly from Farer.

Immerse yourself in the world of precision and style with Farer’s latest watch collection and create new memories with the Chronograph Sport Titanium models.

Key Takeaways

  • Farer has released a new Chronograph Sport Titanium collection, made of lightweight titanium frames, reducing the weight by around 20% compared to the steel models.
  • Farer is known for keeping classic designs but updating them with contemporary color combinations, creating a unique and timeless timepiece.
  • The collection uses two color themes inspired by motor races in St. Moritz, Carnegie and Bernina, with a design language that’s retro and modern all at once.
  • The Carnegie model showcases blue and bronze accents while the Bernina model comes with a sportier personality.
  • The Chronograph Sport Titanium models come with a 41mm case of Grade 2 Titanium and run on a Sellita SW510M B movement.
  • The prices start at $1,995.

Hot Take

The Chronograph Sport Titanium models are an excellent addition to Farer’s collection, introducing new takes on old favorites with the lighter metal. The brand has proven its daring style once again, producing top-quality watches that speak for themselves. These models provide a unique personality that is sure to stand out from the crowd, and the price is reasonable for an exclusive timepiece.

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