Review: The Delightfully Odd Longines HydroConquest GMT – A Unique and Exciting Dive Watch with GMT Functionality

Review: The Delightfully Odd Longines HydroConquest GMT

Watches that break from conventional wisdom tend to provide the most memorable experiences on the wrist. We search out such examples around here and embrace new watches that aren’t afraid to cut against the grain in some way, shape, or form. Doing so presents a risk for brands, particularly large, well-established brands. A by-the-numbers design meant to appeal to the largest possible swath of the population must, by definition, be as inoffensive as possible. Deviation from the template risks putting out a percentage of would-be buyers, but it also creates grounds for differentiation, a necessity in today’s crowded landscape of watch brands young and old. Achieving balance here means a design that’s unique and exciting, while being accessible enough to sell to enough people to make it work financially.

Key Points:

  • The Longines HydroConquest is a watch that breaks away from conventional wisdom and offers a unique and exciting design.
  • The HydroConquest GMT is a new addition to the collection and aims to capture a broader set of buyers while still maintaining the watch’s unique personality.
  • The watch features a ‘true’ GMT function with independently adjustable hour hand and is available in four distinctive colorways.
  • The HydroConquest GMT has a stainless steel case with a 41x49mm dimension and a thickness of 12.9mm.
  • The watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet, rubber strap, or fabric strap option.
  • It has a water resistance of 300M and a five-year warranty.
  • The HydroConquest GMT has a distinctive design with shape-based hour markers and unique designs at the 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions.
  • The watch has a traditional tapered lug and set of crown guards with a straight cut case and a tool-like feel.
  • The bezel is an elapsed time ceramic bezel with a 24 hour scale, and the GMT function works as expected with three crown positions.
  • The watch has some subjective and objective elements that may impact the overall experience, but its funky personality makes up for its shortcomings in many ways.
  • Overall, the HydroConquest GMT is a compelling watch that combines distinctive design with functionality, although it may not be the perfect watch for everyone.

At the end of the day, the Longines HydroConquest GMT is a delightfully odd watch that manages to stand out in a crowded landscape of dive watches. Its unique design, combined with its GMT functionality, makes it a compelling choice for those looking for something different. While it may have some quirks and shortcomings, its funky personality and overall appeal make up for them. The HydroConquest GMT is a watch that you want to root for, and it will likely find a strong following among watch enthusiasts and the broader watch-buying public.

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