Back to the 60s: Seiko 5 Sports Models Revive Vintage Glory

Seiko, the horological giant with a penchant for reliability and all-around affability, has unboxed a blast from the past. This time around, we’re talking the Seiko 5 Sports collection. Hold on to your monocles, folks!

Time Travel with a Twist

In a dazzling tribute to its original 1960s collection, Seiko launched not one, not two, but four new jaw-dropping models. The cream of the crop is the limited edition SRPK17, which is basically a time machine for your wrist, transporting you back to 1968.

But wait, there’s more! The time-travel extravaganza doesn’t stop with SRPK17. A fabulous trio also joins the stage, paying homage to the groovy 1969 Seiko 5 Sports collection. Peace signs and lava lamps, anyone?

SRPK17 – A Blast From the Past

The SRPK17 takes you back to the Swinging Sixties with its funky C-shaped case, reminiscent of the original Seiko 5 Sports watch. It’s a nifty 39.5mm in diameter and 12.5mm thick – vintage style, baby! And that’s not all; the dial sports the original Seiko 5 logo at 12 o’clock and “Sports” at 6 o’clock.

Best bit? It comes in a groovy box paying homage to the original. Only 15,555 of these bad boys will be produced, so you better hustle. Oh, and the price tag? A cool $450.

The Groovy Trio

Don’t fret if you can’t snag the SRPK17, because Seiko’s new trio is just as snazzy. They’ve got the modern Seiko 5 Sports case at 42.5mm and 13.4mm thick, but with vintage-inspired colors. Silver, orange, or black – take your pick! All this for a smooth $350.

  • The SRPK09 flaunts a bezel inspired by Seiko’s vintage “rally divers.”
  • The SRPK11 wows with a bright orange dial and contrasting blocks of black, a nod to the vintage “Double Hurricane.”
  • The SRPK13 gives you a taste of the vintage Seiko 5 “Regatta”.

Hot Take

So, what’s the verdict? The limited-edition SRPK17 is an example of Seiko dipping into the vintage sauce and getting the recipe just right. The SRPK17 is a love letter to the past, with a level of attention to detail that leaves one almost breathless.

The trio, while lacking the vintage case, bring a pop of color that’s both nostalgic and modern. The SRPK11, with its orange dial, has got to be the showstopper amongst these three.

In essence, Seiko’s new releases are like a vinyl record in an MP3 world. There’s just something timeless and evocative about them. Kudos, Seiko, for a beautifully executed blast from the past!

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