The Tudor BB58 Gold: A Subtle Flex in the Dive Watch World

The Tudor BB58 Gold: A Subtle Flex in the World of Dive Watches

Sometimes you get what you ask for, and then sometimes you get a slightly different version that appeases your original desire but leaves excitement for the possibility of what’s to come. I asked for a gold BB54, got a gold BB58 with a green dial and will now patiently wait for Tudor to surprise me with a small(er) gold dive watch.

I am admittedly a new member of the Tudor fandom. In fact, if you had asked me what I thought of the brand before my much deeper foray into the watch world I probably would have scoffed, “Tudor, I don’t think so, pass me the Rolex.” Then came BB54 mania. Here was a brand, traditionally far more successful amongst a male demographic, making a tool watch in a smaller size with no stylistic compromises. Its democratic size combined with sporty profile undid my stubborn refusal to pay attention to what Tudor were presenting in their modern catalog. In fact it caused me to sit up and pay serious attention. If Tudor can make a Black Bay with true historical proportions then surely they are game to make other watches that myself and other 0n-the-fence Tudor spectators would genuinely be interested in.

A Gold Dive Watch with a Twist

Yesterday the watch gods (who I so often cite, and are yet to deliver me a yellow gold 37mm Sub!!) delivered me a yellow gold dive watch in a size that wasn’t perfect but was pretty damn close. I hesitated at first. A green dial and bezel? That won’t work. To be clear, the green doesn’t work for me when the watch is on a strap. But if you put her on an all gold 3-link bracelet (with a T-fit clasp) then you’re making real moves in the precious metal sports watch category.

The Subtle Luxury of a Tudor Gold Dive Watch

Without circumventing the very obvious questions about Tudor making gold dive watches for $32,100, let’s set aside logic and just admire the watch in all of its yellow gold glory. The metal is brushed all over, because this is gold done in the Tudor way. Yellow gold watches are usually polished and shiny. All gold anything wants to be the loudest in the room, screaming unabashedly for attention. The BB58 18k is a subdued yellow, the kind of gold that makes sense aesthetically for the Tudor customer. The kind of gold that says, “I’m here, admire me but don’t think too much of me, I’m a subtle flex.”

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A Sweet Spot Between Tool Watch and Aesthetic Integrity

This gold BB58 is the sweet spot between robust tool-watch and aesthetic integrity that I am constantly searching for. No, it’s not perfect. And no, I wouldn’t pick a green dial and bezel for my personal yellow gold dive watch fantasy. But it works. The green melts into the gold, it’s a precious metal take on camo. It’s rich and warm and works perfectly alongside my daily jewelry rotation.

Key Points:

  • The Tudor BB58 Gold is a new twist on the popular dive watch, featuring a green dial and bezel
  • The brushed yellow gold case provides a subtle, understated luxury aesthetic
  • At 39mm, it hits a sweet spot between tool watch and fashion accessory
  • The gold bracelet elevates the watch, while a strap diminishes the appeal
  • The author is still holding out hope for a smaller, all-gold BB54 from Tudor

In the end, while the BB58 Gold may not be a perfect match for the author’s personal tastes, it represents an exciting direction for Tudor and a tantalizing glimpse of what may come in the future. As a brand that continues to push boundaries and surprise enthusiasts, Tudor has certainly captured the attention of this new fan.

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