20 The Chandler Eco Drive Citizen Watch

17 Best Citizen Watches for Men in 2021

Citizen has been around for over 100 years. Founded by Japanese and Swissinvestors and currently based in Tokyo, the company is one of today’s mostpopular watchmakers.If you’re thinking about buying your first Citizen, or simply want to upgradeto a new model, here are some of our top picks for this year. Below, we’llfeature models that will suit different needs, and include different stylesand price points—from dress watches to models you can wear to work daily, fromdive to pilot watches.Before we begin with the reviews, let us introduce you to one of the bestthings that Citizen is known for. You will notice that all of the watchesbelow have the Eco-Drive feature, a revolutionary technology. We’ve includedeverything from Citizen dive watches and pilot watches to elegant dresswatches and more casual options so there should be something for everyone onthe list.Quick Picks Citizen Watch | Photo Credit: Ryosuke Sekido

Dive Watch Bracelet or Strap

If a metal watch bracelet is your preference as opposed to a waterproof strap,(like NATO or perlon) it’s important to evaluate the quality of the braceletyou’re receiving. Cheap leather and NATO straps can easily be replaced, but ametal bracelet that curves exactly to the dimensions of the case of your watchcan be tricky to find, and often the one that comes with your watch is thebest option. But this is also where some watch manufacturers cheap out.

9. The AR Eco-Drive Citizen Watch

Rubber straps that scream practical when it comes to the economy, the AR Eco-Drive Citizen Watch can take on all of the heat. It will last up to 6 monthson one charge and can be powered up with sunlight. The rubber strap isconnected to a metal base that is coated with mineral that’s scratchresistant. It’s orange and white triple display hands are topped with a gunmetal design that makes everything come together.

20. The Chandler Eco-Drive Citizen Watch

This Citizen watch is well known for it’s chocolate color strap that’s made ofleather and has stitch details to contrast it. The watch face is black so thatit will stand out more in any situation. The numbers in the hour markers arewhite and the clock hands actually glow in the dark for you to see better.There’s a little square in the bottom right of the watch that shows thecurrent date. You can use the triple embedded dial on the side to adjust thetime.

17. The Nighthawk Citizen Watch

Everyone knows that black goes good with anything and that statement isespecially true when it comes to the Nighthawk watch. It has a sleek blackmetal strap that connects to a black base. The watch face is embedded withblack and charcoal material that makes it stand out. Three sundials are builtinto the watch so you’ll never lose track of time. There are two dials and abutton for you to change the time if it ever goes out of sync. Everything elseabout the watch is black ion-plated to finish off that stealth effect.

2. The AR Eco-Drive Citizen Watch with Pinstripe Dial

Being edgy doesn’t have to come with consequences with the AR Eco-DriveCitizen Watch with Pinstripe Dial. It’s a modernly designed watch that has abold black and silver color design. It has a single metal button on the rightside that controls the hour and minute hands. The chroma is matt black and hasbeen sealed to make this watch water resistant to up to 330 feet. You can goweeks and even months without having to recharge the battery due to the Eco-Drive charging the watch via sunlight.

Also Consider: Citizen Star Wars Watch Collection

Created in partnership with the Star Wars/Disney, this collection features 14different watches. As with the Disney collection, there are men’s, women’s,and unisex watches. Unlike the Disney collection, Star Wars watches range fromdress watch to chronographs, to digital/analog combos, to field watch styles.You’ll find watches based on characters to places, or spacecraft. Prices rangefrom $175.00 for an R2D2 dress watch to a $300.00 Darth Vader chronograph.”

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